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More Like Mid-career Crisis

Have you had your mid-career crisis yet? If not, why not? The only good excuse is you just started your career or you are in the process of ending your career. Everyone else needs to get on with it.

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Out of Orbit

A concerned patient presented with the chief complaint of a growth under his upper lid. What is my differential and what do I do about it? 

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Innovate for Success

Determine whether you can perform the new procedure or use the new tech in your practice before investing in it.

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Eye-Popping Office Spaces

Review’s 2021 Office Design Contest shows what optometrists can do to stand out when they set their minds to it. 

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The Conjunctiva Up Close

The conjunctiva is a thin mucus membrane whose primary functions are to provide barrier protection, immunity and lubrication to the ocular surface. There are three distinct anatomical locations of conjunctival tissue: the palpebral, the bulbar and the forniceal. The conjunctiva itself is made up of the epithelium and the stroma (also known as the substantia propria). The epithelium is a few cell layers thick and consists of various cell types. Stratified cuboidal cells are found over the tarsus, columnar cells are found in the fornices and squamous cells are found on the bulbar conjunctiva.1 The stroma is made up of loose, vascularized connective tissue rich in elastic fibers. This gives the conjunctiva the ability to flex and stretch upon blinking and eye movement.2 The stroma is also rich in lymphocytes and plays an important role in the immunologic response of the ocular surface.


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Comanagement Connections

Read our six-part series on how to build relationships with other doctors that improve patient care and elevate your practice.

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November 15, 2021


Anterior Blepharitis: The Front Line of OSD

We dissect everything you need to know about this common condition, including proper treatment and management, and how it can be a sign of Demodex.

Beneath the Mask: OSD Issues Spike Due to Improper Wear

Since the onset of COVID, doctors have noted an increase in dry eye, chalazion, blepharitis and hordeolum cases. Here, several experts offer diagnosis and treatment tips.

Dry Eye: Where Do We Stand with Omega-3 Supplements?

A review of recent research for and against this treatment supplementation.

Eye-Popping Office Spaces

ODs bounced back from the COVID doldrums with bold and adventurous new design ideas.

The Conjunctiva Up Close

Here’s how to recognize and manage a few common conditions that affect this part of the eye.

When Your Patient Complains of Red Eye

The key to uncovering the root cause is a thorough patient history and clinical exam.


A Closer Look

A surprising discovery led to this diagnosis.

A Spot of Trouble

No one wants to see a dark patch in the posterior segment. What factors in this case might help you weigh its significance?

Good Vibrations

Patients experience your office environment before (and after) they see you. Use it to create a great first impression.

Innovate for Success

Educate yourself when approaching new technology.

Letters to the Editor

Feedback and ideas from the optometric community.

More Like Mid-career Crisis

Whatever the catalyst, you should just go on and get it over with.

Out of Orbit

Prolapse of fat can disturb patients but may not be harmful.

Owning OSD

New treatments can help us keep up with this perennial problem.

Reach for the Dye

Fluorescein is most commonly used for corneal evaluation and, as such, its instillation should be properly understood.

Safety First

An open globe can cause vision loss and intraocular infection, but preventing these injuries is completely possible when the proper precautions are taken.

Scleral Decentration: The Workaround

Center-near aspherics help achieve multifocal correction with this modality, but they don’t come without problems.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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