Debating the Value of Diagnostic Tests

Four seasoned pros have a freewheeling conversation about whether or not several tried-and-true tools and concepts have run their course and should be modified or replaced.

Standard Color Vision Test Has Low Sensitivity

The screening tool only caught 50% of cases in a recent study. Adding genotyping to the workup doubled the number of cases identified.

Cross-Sectional OCT-A Improves Diagnostic Accuracy for Macular Neovascularization

This evaluation tool shows high sensitivity and specificity compared with en face imaging.

OCT-A Improves Visualization of Inflammatory CNV

This imaging modality can help detect and monitor the condition, study finds.

Know When to Fold ’em

Do the findings here provide a definitive diagnosis, or merely a clue to the full story?

Automated Screening Devices Fall Short in Hyperopia

A study of preschool-aged children found that this method may miss significant cases or increase the rate of false positives.

Refractive Error Distorts OCT Measurements

Eyes with high myopia or hyperopia sometimes yield inaccurate RNFL measurements, leading to potential misdiagnosis of glaucoma.

Binocular Contrast Summation Preserved in Eye Disease

Add this to your monocular function assessment for more complete data, researchers suggest.

Overnight Contact Lens Wearers Exhibit Limbal Vasculature Changes

Anterior segment OCT-A was able to help pinpoint these alterations, study shows.

Device Offers Front-to-Back Assessment of Ocular Pathologies

The VX650 combines fundus photography, topography, wavefront aberrometry, tomography, angle assessment, retinal screening and more.

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