Good Metabolic Control Tied to DR Regression

Several factors increased the risk of retinopathy, including high diastolic blood pressure.

COVID Causes Retinal Microvascular Changes

These abnormalities were dependent on the severity of the disease.

Wet AMD Eyes Face Risk of Legal Blindness at Two Years

Nearly 10% of patients experienced this outcome, the main causes of which were macular atrophy and subretinal fibrosis.

COVID Encourages Digital Outreach in AMD Management

This shift may mean the difference between safe care and unmet needs moving forward.

Cigarette Smoking Impairs Retinal Vasculature

Study shows even relatively low exposure induces changes, particularly to the deep capillary plexus.

Glaucoma Docs Would Welcome ‘Smart’ EHR Tools

Study shows nearly 90% are interested in add-on apps that incorporate algorithms from experts.

Epiretinal Membrane Linked to Older Age

Study finds it a significant cause of visual impairment in the elderly.

Phaco-related Macular Perfusion Culprit: Hyperemia

Increased light intensity stimulation of the retina after cataract removal was thought to be the cause.

Two New AMD Biomarkers Identified

Inflammasome proteins such as interleukin-18 were elevated in patients, a study finds.

Blood Sugar and Diabetes Duration Predicts DR Risk

Screening is necessary in these patients, even in those with controlled disease.

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