Be Aware of Weiss Ring’s Impact on pRNFL Measurements

Thinner thicknesses could be a major confounding factor of change analysis for glaucoma.

Vitelliform Lesions Reported in Peripapillary Pachychoroid Syndrome

Investigators recommend close follow-up due to potential atrophy development in these cases.

Retinal Artery Occlusion Workup Falls Below AAO Standards

While referral and workup rates have improved in recent years, they still fall below the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Low BCVA, IRF Presence Indicate Increased Risk for Subretinal Fibrosis

Macular neovascularization complex location rather than microvascular structure may be critical in the condition’s development.

Statins Unlikely to Influence AMD

A meta-analysis found no significant effect on incidence or progression, but the authors say more robust studies are needed.

Keep Fluid Out of the Macula

Doing so optimizes visual acuity outcomes, study shows.

Retinal Fluid Volume May Be Key in DME Management

Swelling has a stronger correlation with visual acuity and represents more specific pathologic changes, study finds.

Study Identifies New Imaging Biomarkers for nAMD

These may help to better identify high-risk patients, research suggests.

Subretinal Fluid Associated With Vision Function Improvement in nAMD

Study also shows intraretinal fluid corresponded to decreased visual acuity and recovery in these patients.

Wet AMD Patients Who Skipped Treatment During Lockdown Suffered VA Loss

Those who deferred injections lost up to 3.8 letters in one study, while a second found that individuals who delayed therapy showed increased exudative activity.