Macular Edema Progresses Independently of DR

Retinopathy progression may depend more on fluctuations in the volume of the extracellular space of the inner nuclear layer of the retina.

Ultra-widefield Imaging Falls Short in DME Detection

The addition of SD-OCT increased macular diagnoses by 62%, study reports.

Vitreomacular Abnormalities May Contribute to CI-DME Formation

Further studies are needed to more accurately pinpoint edema’s relationship with PDR, researchers note.

Males More Likely to Develop Retinal Breaks After Acute PVD

Phakic eyes and peripheral degeneration were also associated with a higher rate of complications, specifically detachments, study shows.

Optic Disc Types Show Different Rates of RNFL Thinning

Glaucoma patients with senile sclerotic and focal ischemic phenotypes progressed the fastest.

Study Delves into Pathologic Myopia’s Choroidal Effects

About 30% of eyes with the condition had macular neovascularization, researchers report.

Patient Age Affects CNV Appearance on OCT

The odds of uveitic, myopic and AMD-associated new vessel growth increase significantly with age.

Pneumatic Retinopexy Linked With Highest RRD Reoperation Rate

Surgeons should consider this in their procedure selection process, researchers suggest.

Obesity Linked to Optic Neuritis Severity in Males with MS

Serum leptin and estrogen levels were also associated with the ocular condition in men, but not in women.

Retinal Thickness Variation Predicts Poor Visual Outcomes in AMD

Frequency of anti-VEGF administration matters less than achieving anatomical stability, study finds.

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