Air Pollution Increases Risk of Glaucoma in Diabetic Patients

Filtering face masks and air purifiers can help reduce disease risk, research notes.

Don’t Complicate Things

Neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s can make glaucoma management more challenging and contribute to disease progression.

Glaucoma: Switch From Stimulus Size III to V to Assess Advanced Field Loss

The larger target obtains more information to better monitor the condition, research suggests.

New 24-2C HFA Grid Better Than 24-2

The new grid demonstrated a significantly stronger macular structure-function relationship than the standard with its 10 additional points in the central 10 degrees.

Childhood Glaucoma Continues to Affect Patients Into Adulthood

Patients under 40 with the condition demonstrated more maladaptive coping mechanisms such as treatment nonadherence, study finds.

MIGS Less Cost-efficient than Traditional Glaucoma Surgeries, SLT

Based on cost per 1mm Hg IOP reduction at one year, trabeculectomy performed best, study reports.

​​Characteristics of Low-tension Disc Hemorrhage Identified

Female gender, Asian descent and NTG diagnosis were among the risk factors, researchers note.

Glare Disability Disproportionately Affects Glaucoma Patients

Mobility performance was significantly reduced under these conditions, research shows.

Systemic Arterial Pressure Tied to RNFL Loss

Clinicians should keep an eye on their glaucoma patients’ blood pressure, researchers say.

Intensive Multi-drop Regimen Better at Slowing Glaucoma Progression

IOP fell by about 10mm Hg vs. 7mm Hg in the monotherapy group over three years, study finds.

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