Relatives of Glaucoma Patients Are Underscreened

Distance from the site and associated indirect costs kept many in South India from visiting a clinic.

Corneal Density May Help Predict POAG

Patients with this condition had higher values on several metrics.

Mixed Results for OD Expansion into Glaucoma

In a Canadian study, ODs nearly matched MDs in diagnosis but lagged far behind in prescription writing.

Poor Hazard Perception in Older Drivers With Eye Disease

Study found slower response times, especially in those affected by glaucoma.

Ganglion Cell Changes on OCT Anticipate VF Progression

Further refinement will result in software tools for timely glaucoma diagnosis and accurate disease staging, researchers say.

Glaucoma Patients with Intact Central Vision Still Read Slower

Individuals with the condition read about 19 fewer words per minute.

Phaco Associated With Better Glaucoma Outcomes

Early cataract surgery after an acute primary angle-closure attack prevents IOP elevation and blindness with less medication than LPI, study finds.

AM Light May Improve Glaucoma Patients’ Sleep

Individuals with the condition also had a greater pupil response by the study’s end.

PACG Prevalence Anticipated to Rise

Screen at-risk patients to catch more of this age-associated condition, projected to increase 50% by 2050, meta-analysis finds.

Ocular Blood Flow An Early Indicator of Glaucoma

OCT-A devices that distinguish among three microvascular layers can help with early disease detection.

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