MIGS Outpace Traditional Glaucoma Surgeries in Volume

The number of iStent procedures almost tripled from 14% to 40% over six years.

Biometric Parameters Can Predict Post-Phaco IOP Spikes

Routine use may help identify patients at greater risk, such as those with glaucoma.

Statistical Guidance of VFs Misses Its Mark

Reducing the number of visual field tests may be sufficient, so long as you closely monitor the patient through OCT.

Sleep-regulating Systems Impaired in Glaucoma

The disease injures cells involved in circadian rhythms that provide input to a major sleep-inducing hub, study finds.

Poor Cognition More Prevalent Among NTG Patients Than HTG

This supports the hypothesis that a glaucoma-dementia association applies to normal-tension glaucoma patients.

What to Look for in High Myopes with Glaucoma

Larger BMO tilt angle, lower BMO ovality and thinner PCT were tied to increased axial length.

Rely on RNFL to Catch Glaucoma Progression

Study shows VF assessment also identifies it, but change in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness picked up more cases.

Choroid Holds Important Clues to Visual Outcomes in OAG

Microvasculature dropout in this layer may warrant more aggressive clinical treatment.

Glaucomatous VA Linked to OCT Finding

Certain areas of the papillomacular bundle may indicate visual impairment in glaucoma patients.

Undiagnosed Glaucoma Cases Surge Worldwide

Undetected disease rates have remained high over the past several decades despite progress in research, imaging and interventions.

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