Dry Eye

Aerobic Exercise Improves Tear Secretion, Stability

Study shows this method may help patients manage their DED.

Mental Health May Affect How DED Patients Present

Depression and anxiety were found to be correlated with dry eye signs but not symptoms. This literature review suggests there’s a bidirectional relationship.

DED Prevalent in Kids with Diabetes

Children with these comorbidities tended to have reduced corneal sensation as the main risk factor for the ocular condition.

Dry Eye Associated With Dry Skin

There is a high likelihood that a patient who suffers from one also has the other.

Screen Exposure in Kids Could Cause OSD Symptoms Without Signs

While Oxford scores, tear breakup times and Schirmer test values were within normal values clinically, almost two-thirds of study participants had mild-to-severe ocular surface disease.

Steroid and Cyclosporine Combination Efficacious in DED Treatment

Topical hydrocortisone and cyclosporine A resolved severe dry eye symptoms in patients with Sjögren’s syndrome, study finds.

Asthma Patients At Higher Risk for Developing DED

Australians, Asians and Caucasians in particular had an increased prevalence of the disease.

Psoriasis Tied to MGD and DED

Periodic eye exams should be performed in patients with this dermatological condition, especially in those with more severe cases, researchers say.

DED Interventions May Help Limit HOAs

Following a large database analysis, researchers found that tear film stability is key in reducing the number of higher-order aberrations in dry eye patients.

Dermatological Treatment May Help Combat MGD

Selenium sulfide could reduce excess keratin proteins that clog the meibomian gland, researchers suggest.