Visual Acuity Apps Score High Marks For Telehealth

At-home vision testing with these methods has the potential to detect and monitor chronic conditions.

A New Wave

Vivity, a non-diffractive lens, seeks to up the ante in premium IOL visual quality for presbyopia correction.

Zero G Conditions Distort the Posterior Globe

One year after returning to Earth, anterior displacement still hadn’t fully resolved.

Prosthetic Vision Device Testing Deemed Ineffective

A recent study suggests test results don’t tell us as much as we think they do.

In Pursuit of Better Oculomotor Testing

Eye tracking technology gets a boost from manufacturer RightEye.

A ‘Smart’ Way to Get into Fundus Photography

Mobile phone–based imaging device is portable and affordable, manufacturer says.

Diagnostic Tool Aids Refractive Assessment

Haag-Streit’s new optical biometer helps ODs identify and educate emerging myopes.

Ray Tracing Offers Customizable LASIK Approach

The AI-based platform is much faster and more efficient than standard techniques, research suggests.

The Dos and Don’ts of Binocular Vision Testing

Here’s how you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure patients of all ages receive the care they need.

Kids and Screens: Debating the Dangers

While blue light isn’t inherently detrimental to the eye, unmanaged device use may hinder children in other ways.

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