Even Small Financial Incentives Influence Prescribing Habits

Reported receipt of any non-research support from pharmaceutical manufacturers, regardless of amount, was associated with an almost doubled probability of a prostaglandin drug Rx.

Study: Two-thirds of Patients Have Skin Reactions to Topical Ophthalmic Meds

Active ingredients, especially aminoglycoside antibiotics, were the main cause.

Antibiotic Resistance Remains Prevalent in Ocular Staphylococcal Infections

Newest ARMOR study data helps inform clinicians when choosing a therapy to pursue in affected patients.

Managing Pediatric Ocular Pathology

Safe treatment of these patients requires a comprehensive understanding of available therapeutics.

Update your Glaucoma Prescribing Protocols

Treatment options continue to evolve, with new meds and methods to consider.

Hearing Loss a Possible Complication of Thyroid Eye Disease Drug

A small case series of teprotumumab-treated patients experienced auditory changes and other otologic symptoms.

Teprotumumab Promising as Treatment For Proptosis, Diplopia

Compared with placebo and methylprednisolone, the drug was associated with greater symptomatic improvement.

Oral CAIs More Safe Than Many Believe

The risk of adverse events was comparable to that of topical formulations, study finds.

First Presbyopia Eye Drop Approved

The pilocarpine agent improves near and intermediate acuity, according to manufacturer Allergan.

TNS Safe Treatment for Ocular Pain

Study suggests three- to six-month use of a trigeminal neurostimulator decreased eye pain, light and wind sensitivity, and burning sensations.

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