Eye Drop Proves Useful as First-line Therapy for NK

Compared with amniotic membrane transplantation, cenegermin was associated with a higher degree of patient satisfaction, researchers find.

Algorithm Helps Differentiate Fungal, Bacterial Keratitis

The deep learning model may help provide effective detection and diagnosis in these patients, researchers suggest.

Difluprednate Effective in Anterior Scleritis Treatment

The majority of eyes treated with this medication had success with few side effects, research shows.

Clinical Guidelines Developed for NK Diagnosis, Management

An expert panel recently put together suggestions to help reverse the damage associated with this disease.

KC Grading System Helps Pinpoint Disease Stage

Early findings were more frequently detected in the posterior corneal curvature with ABCD classification, study finds.

Keratoconus Severity Has Minimal Effect on Endothelium

When comparing eyes across disease stages, a study found only small differences in many of the measured parameters.

When Your Patient Complains of Ocular Pain

Asking the right questions is key to successfully sizing up this common symptom.

Sclerals Temporarily Alter Corneal Topography in KCN

Six hours of lens wear can induce corneal changes and edema, which regress back to baseline by the next day, study finds.

New Telemed Acuity Test Nets Favorable Results

The outcomes of DigiVis virtual testing and in-office clinical screening were comparable, study finds.

Corneal Nerve Damage Triggers Changes in MMP-9 Expression

Researchers warn that MGD could accompany elevated levels of the protein in both eyes following cases of unilateral corneal erosion or neurotrophic keratitis.

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