Mask Taping Reduces Ocular Surface Issues

Symptom improvement was reported by 68% of healthcare workers after an eight-hour shift wearing an N95.

KCN Again?

Keratoconus development post-corneal transplantation may be harder to explain, but timely detection and treatment is the best course of action for successful visual outcomes.

Automatic OCT Segmentation Aids in Ortho-K Analysis

Custom measurement allows for detection of changes in the anterior and posterior corneal surface as well as the epithelial posterior surface.

Variability Among Corneal Imaging Devices Warrants Careful Comparison

White-to-white measurements on different modalities may indicate prodcue variability rather than true difference.

DSEK Nomogram Predicts Graft Survival Out to Five Years

Glaucoma and prior glaucoma surgery were major risk factors for graft failure and rejection.

Benzalkonium Chloride Eye Drops Harmful to Goblet Cells

Study shows BAK causes more cell death than preservative-free eye drops, which are more tolerable.

New Details on Corneas of High Myopes Found

Curvature decreases may serve as a refractive compensation when axial length is less than 28mm, researchers say.

IOP Elevation Post-DMEK Doesn’t Affect Visual Outcomes

Study shows the increase may not affect central corneal thickness or endothelial cell count in patients without pre-existing glaucoma.

Bandage Lens Aids Oxervate Efficacy in NK

This combination therapy encouraged ocular healing in affected eyes.

Post-vaccine Inflammation May Induce Corneal Transplant Rejection

These patients face a heightened risk due to enhanced immune response against foreign tissue.