Diagnostic Quiz

Can you discern the causes of these unusual clinical presentations? By Andrew S. Gurwood, OD

Know When to Fold ’em

Do the findings here provide a definitive diagnosis, or merely a clue to the full story?

Nothing’s Up

What could this case of prominent ptosis signify about the patient’s overall systemic health?

A Spot of Trouble

No one wants to see a dark patch in the posterior segment. What factors in this case might help you weigh its significance?

Better Never Than Late?

A patient undergoes a seemingly uneventful cataract operation—then things take a turn for the worse.

That’s Swell of You

A complex medical history complicates assessment of a recent-onset red eye.

A Bump in the Road

Even when a patient’s concern is cosmetic in nature, be sure to rule out systemic involvement.

A Well-Red Patient

Eliciting a good case history can reveal much about the status of an acute hemorrhage and how you should manage it.

The Plot Thickens

When a patient’s clinical outlook changes radically, so too should your approach to differential diagnosis.

Game Over

An anxious patient presents complaining of recent-onset blurred vision at distance. Are his fears warranted?

Elevator Going Up

Does this atypical retinal presentation suggest a sight-threatening pathology, or something benign?