Dysbiosis More Common in Ocular Surface Microbiota of Allergy Patients

An increased prevalence of an organisms called Blautia was associated with conjunctival reaction.

Vascular Plexus Blood Flow Adapts to Metabolic Changes

This structure was observed through OCT-A to regulate vessel density in response to both hyperoxia and hypoxia.

New Patient Questionnaire Helps Quantify IOL Side Effects

Known as “QUVID,” it may help clinicians identify the optimal lens design and features to limit complications, study finds.

VOMS Demonstrates High Accuracy in Concussion Identification

Vestibular oculomotor screening may be a more effective way to pinpoint and treat this traumatic brain injury, research shows.

License Holders May Not Always Have Adequate Vision

Researchers recommend changes to driving qualification and renewal procedures.

Skin Pigmentation Plays Role in Effectiveness of Cycloplegics

Study shows cyclopentolate 1% combined with tropicamide 1% provides more accurate refractive outcomes.

Poorer Vision Associated With Heart Disease Risk

This finding highlights the need for improvements in coronary heart disease prevention and management, study suggests.

Vision Impairment Connected to Food Insecurity

Study found this association was more prominent in older adults.

E-cigarette Use Associated With Visual Impairment

Just like the elevated risk traditional cigarettes pose, this alternative—which contains nicotine—may also increase the chances of ocular disease, research suggests.

Progress Towards a Consensus on Conjunctivitis

Better research methodology and standardized protocols are needed to ensure high quality recommendations, review study says.