Cornea and Contact Lens Q and A

Herpes Hassles

A history of HSK is not always a contraindication for CXL; active infection is.

Out for Blood

This dry eye treatment may not be first on your list, but it’s worth taking into consideration.

Water, Sclerals Don’t Mix

Exposure increases the chances of microbial infection.

Using CXL as ‘Bug Killer’

When meds alone don’t bring resolution, consider photodynamic therapy with rose bengal and UV-A.

KCN Again?

Keratoconus development post-corneal transplantation may be harder to explain, but timely detection and treatment is the best course of action for successful visual outcomes.

Step Up To LK

There are several treatment options for lipid keratopathy, some of which achieve better results than others.

Scleral Decentration: The Workaround

Center-near aspherics help achieve multifocal correction with this modality, but they don’t come without problems.

Go With the Flow

Corneal hysteresis may help spot glaucoma in KCN patients.

MRI Contact Lens Considerations

Material impurities may interact with magnetic fields and cause problems for practitioners and patients alike.

Pressure Cooker

Avoid sclerals in progressive glaucoma to lower risk of IOP rise.

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