Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Wavefront-guided LASIK Outcomes Top SMILE

The former resulted in better visual acuity at all post-op visits, study finds.

Osmolarity Spots Refractive Surgery Patients at Risk for DED

A small but appreciable cohort of patients diagnosed with tear hyperosmolarity at presentation represent a risk for suboptimal refractive outcomes without treatment.

OCT Most Accurate to Measure Corneal Astigmatism

Study shows this imaging technique achieved higher precision than topography and biometry in post-refractive patients.

Most Cataract/Refractive Surgery Patients Have Normal Osmolarity

However, OSDI scores were higher in post-op patients, study finds.

Cataract Comanagement: Relationships Get Results

Learn to cultivate the interprofessional bonds that are at the heart of a productive pairing of OD-MD colleagues.

Nerve Growth Factor Promotes Post-LASIK Success

In rabbit models, it repaired corneal damage and improved dry eye symptoms.

SMILE Outcomes Worse in Older Patients

Those over 40 had poorer astigmatic results with a tendency toward undercorrection, research shows.

Pain Sensitivity Predicts Post-LASIK Dry Eye

Other pre-op metrics, such as blood pressure, also correlated with post-op symptoms.

Satisfying the Complicated Presbyope

Concurrent issues such as dry eye, prior surgery or binocular disorders can compromise visual quality. Optometrists can help restore it.

SMILE, ICLs Both Help Correct High Myopia

However, lenticule extraction was linked to more unsatisfactory post-op visual outcomes.

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