Ultra-widefield Imaging Ideal for Monitoring Myopic Maculopathy

This method captures up to 200° of the fundus, allowing for better observation of posterior staphyloma, a strong indicator of disease progression, study finds.

Myopia Prevention Program Lowers Prevalence in Preschoolers

A recent study found a sizable drop in prevalence—from 15.5% to 10.7%—with the biggest declines coming in the first two years after the experimental policies were implemented.

Posterior Eye Contour Patterns Predict Myopia Progression

In children with the condition, a prolate shape was associated with axial elongation and a more negative spherical equivalent refraction, study finds.

Sex, Age Increase Risk of Axial Elongation in High Myopia

Poor BCVA, myopic maculopathy and prior choroidal neovascularization also play a role in these changes, researchers suggest.

Anti-VEGF Not Fully Effective in Myopic CNV

Injections were unable to alter vessel density, foveal avascular zone area or completely eliminate lesions in most cases, researchers observed.

High Myopes’ QOL Greatly Improves Post-Cataract Surgery

BCVA gains were also notable, from 0.62 logMAR preop to 0.13 after the procedure, researchers find.

Lack of Green Space Poses a Major Risk to Myopia

Even a small increase in exposure at school could reduce the prevalence of this condition, researchers note.

Influential Factors in Myopia Aren’t Clear-cut

While outdoor time may help, near work can offset its benefits, study reaffirms.

High Myopia in Adults Tied to Spectacle Wear at Younger Age

Kids who got their first pair of glasses at nine vs. 13 were more at risk of developing this condition later on in life.

More Specifics Needed for Anti-Myopia Outdoor Activity

Simply directing children to “spend more time outside” isn’t enough.

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