Retinal Laser Receives FDA Approval

The MC-300 Multicolor Laser Photocoagulator, from Nidek, received FDA marketing clearance in April. The device is a multi-color (red, yellow and green) diode-pumped solid-state retinal laser that delivers three wavelengths: 659nm, 561nm and 532nm. These different wavelengths are ideal for retinal applications, disease treatments and management, the company says.

The MC-300 features digitally controlled instant duty cycles with advanced SOLIC (Safety Optics with Low Impact for Cornea) technology. This technology provides low-energy density to the cornea and lens, allowing the laser to be used at fast speeds with high powers for long periods of time without energy decay or failure, Nidek says.

The MC-300 can be mounted for slit lamp delivery and requires a standard electric outlet. Call 1-800-223-9044, or go to

Intraocular Lens

The AcrySof ReSTOR intraocular lensthe newest member of the Acrysof family of IOLs from Alconis designed for both presbyopic and non-presbyopic patients.
The foldable IOL, which received FDA approval in March, does not rely on the ciliary muscle. Rather, it features a proprietary diffractive and apodized optic design that allows patients to focus images at various distances correctly on the retina without mechanical lens movement, the company says. (According to Alcon, apodization optimizes the light energy delivered to the retina by distributing appropriate amounts of light to near and distant focal points, regardless of illumination.)

In clinical trials conducted in the United States and Europe, 80% of 566 patients with a mean age of 68 said they never wore reading glasses or bifocals again following bilateral cataract surgery with AcrySof ReSTOR. Call 1-800-862-5266, or go to www.alcon

IOL Delivery System

The SofPort Easy-Load Lens Delivery System, from Bausch & Lomb, enables surgeons to insert the companys SofPort Advanced Optics (AO) IOL through a sub-3.0mm incision without touching or aligning the IOL with forceps. The delivery system uses the same M-fold planar, one-handed delivery as Bausch & Lombs MPort SIthe SofPorts predecessor.

The delivery system comes with a SofPort AO IOL that is pre-loaded in a lens retainer. The Sofport AO is a foldable silicone IOL with PMMA haptics and square edges. Call 1-800-338-2020, or go to

Photodynamic Therapy Lens

The Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Laser lens, from Volk Optical, is designed to help treat patients who have age-related macular degeneration, although the lens can also be used for general diagnostic work, the company says.

The PDT Laser lens combines 1.5x laser sport magnification and a 137 field of view to allow for a clear look of the choroidal neovascular membrane. Additional features include Volks SupraCoat lens coating, which reduces the amount of laser light reflected back through the lens. This allows for increased efficiency of laser transmission, the company says.

The lens also offers bright and undistorted images across its entire surface via the companys patented double-aspheric glass design. Call 1-800-345-8655, or go to

Photograph-Friendly Slit Lamp

The BX-900 slit lamp, from Haag-Streit, features slit and background illumination, integrated synchronized flash and camera adapters that enable you to fit a 35mm or digital camera to the instrument. You mount the camera above the microscope so that you have easy access to the patient. This is especially helpful when photo-graphing in conjunction with hand-held diagnostic lenses, Haag-Streit says.

The slit lamp also features a shutter release mounted close to the joystick so that you can use the camera while using the joystick to maintain focus. A built-in retracting mirror directs 100% of the light to the camera when a photograph is warranted. Otherwise, 100% of the light is directed to the eye pieces on the microscope. Finally, the BX-900 features a tungsten lamp that provides up to 600,000 lux illumination.

Gray, red-free, blue and heat absorption filters (yellow is an option) are included. Magnifications of 6.3x, 10x, 16x, 25x or 40x are all standard. Call 1-800-787-5426, or go to

Auto Refkeratometer

The Auto Refkeratometer KW-2000, from Kowa, takes both refractive and keratometry measurements. The keratometry functions measure the center of the cornea and all around it, providing measurements in four directions, the company says. The device can measure eyes with intraocular lenses and can accommodate pupils that are 2.3mm in diameter. It takes both measurements in 0.07 seconds.

Features include a subject-friendly color icon display for each mode, a 5.6-inch color LCD monitor, an adjust-able chin rest and a built-in printer with an auto cutter for the internal paper to provide fast and easy-to-read reports.

The Auto Refkeratometer KW-2000 functions on a 120V AC current and weighs 33 pounds. Call 1-800-966-5692, or go to


Childrens Lens with AR, SR Coating

The LiteStyle Kids IQ lenses, from Essilor, are anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses that include the companys TD2 diamond-hard, scratch-resistant protection on both the front and back of the lens.

The durability and scratch-resistance of the TD2 base is comparable to the companys Crizal anti-reflective lenses, Essilor says. The anti- reflective component of the lens has a hydrophobic coating and protects wearers from 96.5% light transmission, the company says.

The lenses are available in single-vision powers +4.00D to -6.00D and up to -2.00D cylinder. They come with the LiteStyle Kids IQ Replacement Protection option, which allows for a one-time, no-cost replacement of these lenses within one year of purchase. Call 1-800-366-6342, or go to www.essilorusa. com.

Spectacle Measuring System

The EZ-200 Automatic Rx Analyzer, from Topcon Medical Systems, is a spectacle measuring system that automatically reads lens power (sphere, cylinder and axis), identifies and measures progressive and multifocal lenses, displays far and nearpoint distance from the optical center for progressives, and measures monocular and total spectacle pupillary distance.

The device features simultaneous measurement of right and left lenses. Single-vision lens measurements take 10 seconds, while progressive measurements take less than 20 seconds, the company says. Simply place the spectacles in the device, press the measurement button, and the EZ-200 automatically displays the measurement results on its color LCD screen.

An RS-232 interface comes standard to facilitate communication with other Topcon products and/or a personal computer. Call 1-800-223-1130, or go to

New 3D Software

3D-Eye Office, a CD-ROM from eyeMaginations Inc., uses three-dimensional animation to provide consistent marketing and educational information on clinical procedures, ocular anatomy, refractive errors, ocular pathology, contact lenses and the dispensary.

The program is designed for the reception room, pre-test area, exam room, contact lens area and the dispensary. It features more than 100 animations and covers 80% of the scenarios eye care practitioners often encounter, the company says. You can also create your own scenarios by following the programs training process.

3D-Eye Office is multilingual, so you can communicate with patients who speak Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Call (410) 321-5481, or go to

New Reading Device

MyReader, from Eschenbach Optik of America Inc. and manufactured by HumanWare, is a portable low-vision device that works as both a video magnifier and an autoreader. The device can reach a magnification of up to 45x.

Patients can use MyReader as a video magnifier to examine letters, prescription bottles, photographs and more by pressing the Live button on the devices hand-held control panel.

Or, the patient can use it as an autoreader by pressing the Start button on the hand-held control panel.

As an autoreaderits primary useMyReader captures an 8.5-inch by 11.75-inch page within three seconds and displays it on the LCD monitor. The patient can then display the text, so it can be read much in the same way that fully-sighted people read, the company says. Specifically, the patient can:

Select one of three reading modes (row, column or word).

 Increase the speed at which the text is displayed when using one of the reading modes.

 Scroll through the text via a trackball without having to move the scanned text.

 Choose colors for both the background and foreground of the text, such as yellow on blue.

MyReader is 24 inches high, 18 inches wide and 11 inches deep. It folds down flat to six inches high. Call 1-800-487-5389, or go to

Help Finding Computer Vision Specialists
PRIO Corporation now offers a section on its Web site that helps patients locate a computer vision specialist.

The patient logs on to, scrolls to the bottom of the home page and clicks on Find a PRIO Doctor (on the left). This brings the patient to a page that asks for a zip code and search radius in miles. The patient then receives the names of eye care practitioners in his or her area who use PRIO products to address computer vision syndrome.

Patients can also conduct a state or international search. Call 1-800-621-1098, or go to

Fendi By Marchon
Marchon Eyewear Inc. introduces the Zucca Collection from Fendi: 

FS299 has a large wrap shape and is made of plastic. Colors include ebony, brown-Havana, ivory, red-Havana and powder. This frame features a laser-embossed Zucca print on its temples in an assortment of color contrasts. The frame size is 59/18/130.

 FS299R has a large wrap shape and is made of plastic. Colors include crystal and ebony. This frame features hand-placed rhinestones that yield a Zucca print on its temples. The frame size is 59/18/130.

 FS299RI has a large wrap shape and is made of plastic. This frame features hand-placed metal rivets on the Zucca print temples. It comes in an ebony color in size 59/18/130.

 FS300 has a small, soft square shape and is made of plastic. Colors include ebony, brown-Havana, ivory, red-Havana and powder. The temples incorporate the Zucca print. The frame comes in size 55/16/130. 

FS301 has a soft oval shape and is made of plastic. Colors include ebony, brown-Havana, ivory, red-Havana and powder. The temples are decorated with the Zucca print. The frame size is 54/16/130.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to

Brooks Brothers By Luxottica

The Luxottica Group introduces four new sunglasses from Brooks Brothers: 

BB 329S is a unisex rimless frame that has a modified rectangle shape and is made of monel metal. Colors include copper with brown lenses, silver with blue/grey lenses, satin blue with blue lenses and steel with dark grey lenses. (Polarized lenses are available in select colors.) The frame size is 58/15/135. 

BB 333S is a unisex frame that has an aviator sunglass shape and is made of monel metal. Colors include old gold with brown fade lenses, dark brown with brown lenses, satin cran-
berry with grey/green lenses, satin black with grey/green lenses, dark steel with grey fade lenses and dark steel with grey/green lenses. (Polarized lenses are available in select colors.) The frame size is 60/16/125. (This frame is shown on the top right.)

 BB 643S is a large, full-rim sunglass for women that features a square shape and is made of Zyl plastic. Colors include black/white with grey fade lenses, cordovan (a reddish brown) with grey/green lenses, butterscotch with brown fade lenses, tortoise with brown lenses and black with grey/green lenses. The frame size is 59/16/130.

 BB 645S is a unisex, thick full-rim frame that has an elongated rectangular shape and is made of Zyl plastic. Colors include pearlized sienna/moss with grey lenses, smoke/horn with grey fade lenses, cordovan/brown horn with grey/green lenses, brown ribbon with brown fade lenses, tortoise with brown lenses and black with grey/green lenses. The frame size is 58/15/130. (This sunglass is shown above.)

All frames in the collection feature the signature Golden Fleece or traditional script logo of Brooks Brothers.

Call (516) 484-3800, or go to

Tommy Hilfiger By Viva International

Viva International Group introduces the Tommy Hilfiger Sun Collection:

 TH 7021 is a unisex style that has a square design and is made of plastic. Colors include taupe with brown lenses, grey with grey lenses, blue-orange with blue lenses and black with G-15 lenses (green tinted lenses). The frame size is 52/15/140.

 TH 7022 is a unisex style that features an oval shape and is made of plastic. Colors include purple-orange with purple lenses, tortoise with brown lenses and black with grey lenses. The frame size is 57/16/140.

TH 7023 is a unisex style that features a modified oval shape and is made of plastic. Colors include purple with purple lenses, burgundy-white with burgundy lenses, orange-green with G-15 lenses, blue-white with blue lenses, black-white with grey lenses and black with grey lenses. The frame size is 52/17/140. 

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Vol. No: 142:6Issue: 6/15/2005