Ocular Cancer

Uveal Melanoma More Common in Men, Higher-latitude Locations

The overall incidence rate in Germany was 6.41 per million, with an almost 10 per million difference between northeastern and southwestern states, study finds.

Radiotherapy Effective Treatment For Uveal Melanoma

This option can offer good tumor control up to five years, research suggests.

High Survival Rates for Primary Eyelid Melanoma Patients

Several predictors put those with the invasive form at higher risk, this cohort study observes.

Eyelid Cancer More Common in Males

Tumor location and lymph node involvement were also positive predictors of squamous cell carcinoma, study finds.

Sun Lamps Tied to Uveal Melanoma

However, the literature review found no consistency in ocular cancer tissue locations, including iris tumors, amongst the studies.

Severe Conjunctival Melanoma Increases Risk of Vision Loss

These patients experienced reduced visual acuity and increasing complications throughout the follow-up.

Delaying Enucleation in Retinoblastoma May Be Risky

Children with four or more pre-surgery chemo rounds had lower survival rates.

Nomogram Determines VA Outcome for Uveal Melanoma

This tool accurately predicted post-therapy visual acuity.

A Guide to Conjunctival Tumors

These are benign half the time—but when they are malignant, you need to be ready to refer.

Starting Stage of Retinoblastoma Identified in Children

However, researchers found discrepancies in mouse models that raise doubts.