Unstable Tear Film Worsens OCT-A Repeatability

Clinicians should use caution when interpreting images of dry eye patients.

Sun Lamps Tied to Uveal Melanoma

However, the literature review found no consistency in ocular cancer tissue locations, including iris tumors, amongst the studies.

Excessive Screen Time Causes Meibomian Gland Atrophy

Study also shows autoimmune disease biomarker positivity may play a factor for children who use digital devices excessively.N

Patients Aged 85 and Up Most Vulnerable to DMEK Graft Failure

At two years follow-up, older individuals also had the steepest declines in VA gains vs. those 70 and younger.

Inflammatory Markers Linked to AMD Progression

Complex combinations of biomarkers may be used in future lab work to identify those at greatest risk.

Hormonal Contraceptives Elevate Dry Eye Risk

Study finds strongest association with longer duration and higher quantity of use.

Wet AMD Patients with High BP Require More Injections

Elevated levels of angiotensin 2 in hypertensive patients may be to blame.

Younger Age, Steeper Kmax Pose Greatest Risk for KCN Progression

Lower thresholds for early CXL should be considered in these patients to prevent irreversible vision loss.

No Clinical Advantage to Femto Cataract Surgery

Study finds no differences in vision, adverse postoperative events or patient perceptions of quality between FLACS and conventional phaco at 12 months.

Portable Visual Field Analyzer Shows Promise

The VisuAll demonstrated results comparable to SAP and may reduce the chances of patient-dependent artifacts.

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