CN VI Palsies in Children May be Associated With New-onset Brain Tumor

Immediate neuroimaging could be beneficial in these patients, especially in those with other risk factors, researchers suggest.

Obesity Poses Increased Risk for Cranial Nerve Palsy

More aggressive medical intervention may be warranted among high-risk patients, research suggests.

Not All Eye Disease Associated with Cognitive Decline

While VI, AMD and cataract did not appear to be risk factors, glaucoma was, researchers suggest.

Arterial Imaging Lacking in Third Nerve Palsy Suspects

Although most providers accurately identified this condition, less than half ordered imaging to rule out further complications, researchers note.

Signs of High ICP Don’t Always Mean Trouble

MRI findings may not clinch a diagnosis; some normal individuals experience asymptomatic radiological signs.

A Results-Oriented Neuro Work-up For Generalists

Be thorough to identify any underlying causes of optic disc edema and ensure those issues are managed appropriately at the ED.

Letters to the Editor

Feedback and ideas from the optometric community.

Post-concussion Oculomotor Screenings Fall Short

Associated vision problems may prolong recovery, and 70% of kids with TBI experience at least one.

MS Patients with Optic Neuritis More Likely to Have Cognitive Impairment

The most affected areas were executive function and attention.

Take the Fear Out of Comanaging Neuro Cases

Many patients are best served through a partnership between primary care optometrists and appropiate subspecialists.

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