Hyperreflective Lesions Found in Retinal Layers of COVID-19 Patients

This suggests the retina and choroid could be involved in this population.

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy May Affect RRD Outcomes

Patients who received the shot before or shortly after diagnosis had better success than unvaccinated ones.

Mask-associated Dry Eye Rate 70% Among Healthcare Providers

Given its high prevalence in light of COVID, efforts to address this condition are necessary.

Higher Cataract Complication Rate Found After COVID Slowdown

Authors of a recent study speculate that surgeons lost some of their edge from lack of practice.

Mask Taping Reduces Ocular Surface Issues

Symptom improvement was reported by 68% of healthcare workers after an eight-hour shift wearing an N95.

Heat Warmers Minimize Slit Lamp Lens Fogging Caused by Mask Wear

Unheated ophthalmic lenses fogged about 33% of the time compared with just 1% when lenses were warmed up, study shows.

Eye Surgeries Declined During COVID-19

This happened during the early phase of the pandemic and included elective procedures such as cataract removal, laser peripheral iridotomy, laser trabeculoplasty and blepharoplasty.

RVO Not Associated with COVID-19

After analyzing 17 case reports that assumed a causal relationship, researchers found holes in the evidence to debunk the claims.

Post-vaccine Inflammation May Induce Corneal Transplant Rejection

These patients face a heightened risk due to enhanced immune response against foreign tissue.

COVID-19 Can Cause Corneal Neuropathy

This infection shares similar symptomatology and morphological landmarks of dry eye disease and diabetic neuropathy, study finds.

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