Natural Eye Care and You
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Whether your “ohhh, my eyes” is an expression of dryness, redness, itchiness, floaters or even a vision-related issue, when your eyes aren’t feeling their best, chances are that you aren’t either. But there are natural ways to handle symptoms so that your eyes are stronger or more comfortable. That leaves you more able to enjoy the things you love without having to think about how your eyes feel.

In this issue, you’ll read about some of the science behind homeopathy and nutraceuticals,
especially for conditions like dry eyes, allergies, cataracts and floaters—those little squiggles that appear in some people’s field of vision. You’ll also read how natural eye care can help every member of your family—including your family pet!

It’s no surprise that health care professionals are becoming more interested in natural wellness and prevention of diseases. Our goal is to help doctors to deliver expert natural eye care to their patients.
- Brian Banks, President

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