Fourteenth Annual Handbook of Ocular Disease Management

Optometry has evolved from what was once a purely visual correction and refractive drugless profession to an integrated member of the health care team. Therapeutic management of ocular disease has been a part of optometry for many years, but this has not always been so. It was the forward thinking of one of our mentors, Dr. Lou Catania that pioneered optometry into the therapeutic arena.

As students of his, we have endeavored through the publication of The Handbook of Ocular Disease Management to continue and advance Dr. Catania’s work by providing a concise, peer-reviewed, evidence-based compendium designed to give fellow colleagues a quick reference when practicing therapeutic optometry. We can all thank Dr. Catania for our ability to treat patients therapeutically.

There always exists the need for optometrists to remain current and enhance their knowledge and education. Optometrists must commit to lifelong learning. Reading high-quality, peer-reviewed publications is necessary. Attending continuing education conferences that are free of commercial bias allows optometrists to keep current and interact, both socially and professionally, with colleagues.

We have always felt that the best way to begin this commitment to lifelong learning is through the completion of an accredited residency. Residency training not only provides increased clinical experience, it opens doors and initiates the lifelong learning process. To all optometry students (and practitioners) reading this manuscript, we strongly encourage you to pursue residency training.

We hope that you enjoy the fourteenth edition of The Handbook of Ocular Disease Management.

Joe, Andy and Al

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