Algorithms: Nutrition —Feb 2012
Dear Colleagues:

We all know the importance of eating right for our overall health, but when it comes to the role of nutrition in maintaining retinal function and preventing the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), our knowledge is perhaps not so clear. To complicate matters, eye care practitioners are constantly faced with the task of sorting through the available literature in an effort to better their understanding of the ocular benefits of specific nutrients.

As the final installment of this algorithms series, this monograph breaks from the previous running topic of ocular surface disease states and focuses on ocular nutrition, with a specific look at how diet and nutritional supplementation can improve visual function, particularly in the intervention of AMD.

Each of us has an interest in ocular nutrition and we are all honored to have been invited to contribute to this project. Our discussion, summarized here, is heavily evidence-based and full of tips, resources and frequently asked questions. We sincerely hope you find the end result to be of benefit to you and your patients. Special thanks to Bausch + Lomb for making this informative series possible.

— The Authors

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