2018 Conference Planner

How CE Connects Us

As a frequent lecturer at continuing education events, I have the chance to refl ect on what a unique and special experience it is. Everyone— faculty, attendees and industry alike—takes time out of our busy lives to convene for the purpose of helping each other advance our skills and build our businesses. We give up a weekend with our families and time in our practices to share our experiences for the greater good of all. Those of us at the podium get to hear about the realworld challenges you face. Attendees get to learn from skilled clinicians who have devoted time and energy to being educators. Industry gets valuable feedback about its products and helps doctors capitalize on new technology.

I’m thrilled to see that the spirit of face-to-face connection is thriving. In 2018 there will be over 220 optometric CE events across the country and around the world—your choices this year literally span from Athens, Georgia to Athens, Greece. Since keeping up with it all can be overwhelming, Review of Optometry is once again pleased to offer this annual guide to live CE courses for the coming year, ranging from local one-day seminars to the national meetings that span multiple days
—Paul Karpecki, OD, Chief Clinical Editor

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