The FDA recently approved new MaxSight sport-tinted contact lenses for use in athletic settings.

Bausch & Lomb and Nike developed the soft lenses, which are indicated for daily wear. They designed the lenses to protect athletes eyes from ultraviolet light. The lenses also enhance contrast in light conditions, helping athletes see fast-moving objects, such as baseballs, more clearly despite speed of travel, says Bausch & Lomb.

Photo courtesy: Thomas E. Witte

The Sporting News, a magazine for sports enthusiasts, reports that baseball players are currently testing the lenses. Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles has worn the lenses during games, and other players have worn the lenses during practices to adjust to them.

MaxSight lenses are expected to be available at vision-care centers in late summer. They will be available in two tints: amber, designed for sports that involve fast-moving balls in variable light conditions, and gray-green, designed for sports played in bright sunlight. The lenses will be available in powers of +20.00D to -20.00D, including plano lenses, and in base curves of 8.4mm to 9.0mm.

Vol. No: 142:6Issue: 6/15/05