Refractive Surgery Device

The EpiLift System, from VisiJet Inc., is an ophthalmic surgical device designed to separate corneal tissue. It received FDA approval for use in LASIK surgeries this past September.

According to the company, the EpiLift System is part of a new form of LASIK surgery called Epi-LASIK, which combines the instant visual results of LASIK with the stable, long-term outcome of PRK for those who are myopic, hyperopic and have astigmatism. The company says they are able to do this by separating the epithelium from Bowmans membrane without cutting the stromal flaps. Call (949) 450-1660, or go to

SynthaGram 204 Glasses-Free 3D Monitor

iPort Media, a private narrowcasting network that delivers customizable, educational and marketing messages via networked LCD monitors into the waiting rooms of eye care practitioners, has joined forces with Stereo-Graphics Corporation, a supplier of 3-D visualization products, to introduce the SynthaGram 204 Glasses-Free 3D monitor.

The SynthaGram 204 monitor is a flat panel 20-inch LCD screen that features wide-angle 3D content. The SynthaGram Glasses-Free 3D Monitor does not require special lighting. Call 1-800-783-2660, or go to


PrimaVu Herbal Eye Drops Acuta, from PrimaVu, are designed to help cleanse and soothe mildly irritated eyes that have been exposed to allergens and environmental contaminants, such as smog, dust, pollen, smoke and other pollutants.

The drops contain a combination of homeopathic dilutions of four herbal ingredients. According to the company, german chamomile and euphrasia (eyebright) work to soothe and relieve the eye from irritation and itchiness, while fennel and yellow sweet clover cleanse the eye. The drops come in a 15ml container. Call 1-866-766-6424, or go to

Therapeutic Sunglasses

MicroVision Optical Inc. introduces Neox Sunglasses. Plano aspheric, scratch-resistant and made of polycarbonate material, the company says the len-ses reduce glare, enhance contrast, eliminate distortion and protect from both UVA and UVB rays. According to MicroVision, the following patients may especially benefit from the lenses:
  • Those who have an increased amount of spherical aberration as a result of refractive surgeries, such as excimer laser keratomy and radial keratomy.
  • Those at risk for age-related macular degeneration.
  • Those suffering from tonic accommodation.

The company says that the lenses filter out the wavelengths that place demands on lutein, the eyes primary photoreceptor. They say this is important because the physical changes the eye goes through as a result of refractive surgery, aging and tonic accommodation have been shown to increase the amount of potentially damaging blue light, which lutein works to filter.

According to MicroVision, Neox sunglasses block 430 nanometers of this blue-violet light and 75% of the visible light spectrum to 600 nanometers. Neox sunglasses are available in 20 different styles, with one size per style. They come in colors such as candy apple red, shiny tortoise, frosted lime and more. Call 1-888-800-6767, or go to


VisionWeb, an online service that assists eye care practitioners in streamlining and simplifying their practices through customized practice web sites and more, has begun expanding its VisionWeb Essential product ordering to allow the ability to redo or resubmit an order and automatically archive the order. It expects these new functions to be active by mid-November.

The new redo/resubmit function will enable users to bring up both the patient and his or her prescription information from previous orders, so that the information can be edited and resubmitted as either a redo or a new order. The new automatic order archiving function will remove outdated order information from the users current order list and automatically archive that information for the user four weeks after the order is shipped, unless the user has already archived it.

The company also announced that VisionWeb Essential will remain a free of charge ordering service.  Call 1-800-874-6601, or go to

Brown Tint Panamic Airwear

Essilor of America has added a brown-tinted prescription to its Varilux Panamic Airwear line of ophthalmic lenses.

The company says it chose to add this color to the line to satisfy the needs of fashion-conscious patients. They also say that the polarized polycarbonate lens eliminates glare, enhances safety and comfort and is available in the companys Crizal and Aliz anti-reflective coatings.

Like the lines gray option, the brown-tinted prescription comes in +6.00 to -10.00D power range, -4.00D cylinder and +.75D to +3.50D add (in 0.25D steps). The lens diameter is 75/80. Call 1-800-377-4567, or go to

Tracer and Blocker

Gerber Coburn welcomes the addition of the Kappa CT tracer and blocker to its Kappa Series line of lab equipment.

The company says that the Kappa CT eliminates almost all of the manual steps involved with the finishing process through using 4D tracing; frame groove profiling; tracing frames with B sizes as small as 18mm; and capturing A, B and frame DBL (distance between lenses) curve elevation.

The company adds that the Kappa CT accurately locates the optical center, bifocal segment or fitting cross in a few seconds, automatically realigns the image on the prescribed axis and automatically blocks, eliminating manual de-centering or alignment. Gerber Coburn says the Kappa CT is designed for finishing labs of any size. Call 1-800-262-8761, or go to

Multifunction Edger
Nidek Co. Ltd. introduces the Nidek ME-1000 Multifunction Edger.

According to Nidek, The Nidek ME-1000 employs robotic technology, advanced drilling motors and software for controlling the precise and customized drilling angles and procedures necessary for creating and offering customized lens edging with drilling.

The functions of the instrument include: 3D drilling, notching, slotting, 3D grooving, a frosted safety bevel, a polished safety bevel, drill angles, drill hole diameters, drilling of stop-facing holes and drilling of long holes.
Nidek says the ME-1000 is available for all optical dispensing businesses. Call 1-800-644-3343 or go to


The Luxottica Group introduces five new frames from Chanel:

  • CH3072 (featured below) is a womans frame that has a modified rectangle shape made of plastic. Colors include black with the natural double C logo, tortoise with gold logo, black with gold logo, bone with satin gold logo, black/brown/cream with gold logo, white with natural logo, cranberry with satin gold logo and blueberry with natural logo. Available sizes are 52/16-135 and 54/16-135.
  • CH2070 and CH2071 are unisex models that feature rectangular lenses. CH2070 is a bit larger than CH2071, and CH 2071 is narrow. Both are made of stainless steel. Colors include satin black, satin blueberry, pewter, gold, satin natural, copper rose, satin gold and golden olive, all without the double C logo. Available sizes are 52/19-135 and 54/19-140.
  • CH3067 is a deep-squared unisex model made of plastic. Colors include black, tortoise, navy, crystal, black/brown/cream, white, tangerine and grey. This stlye does not feature the double C logo. Available sizes are 51/18-140 and 53/18-140.
  • CH3068 is a narrow rectangle unisex model made of plastic. Colors include black, tortoise, navy, crystal, black/brown/cream, white, tangerine and grey. This style does not feature C logo. Available sizes are 51/17-135 and 53/17-140. Call 1-800-422-2020, or go to

    Candies Eyes Signs Rock Star
    Teen idol/rock star, Ashlee Simpson, has signed with Candies Eyes to be a part of its fall advertising campaign. Simpson will sport these two models for the campaign:
  • C Heather, a plastic modified rectangle that comes in colors blue, black/pink, brown, pink, and violet and size 47/17-135.
  • C Ireland, a plastic modified oval shape that comes in colors black/berry, black/white, brown, burgundy and pink. The size for this frame is 48/15-135.
Both frames have the C swoosh logo on the temples, which are set off by glittering rhinestones. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to


Ophthalmic Hood
The Ophthalmic Hood, from Gulden Ophthalmics, allows light-sensitive instruments to be used in rooms that are not completely dark by blocking the extra light from interfering with the captured image of the eye.

The company notes that such light-sensitive instruments include aberrometers, imaging devices, autorefractors and slit lamps. The hood is attached to these instruments via adhesive Velcro tape and then closes behind the patients head with a zipper. Call 1-800-659-2250, or go to

Combination Instrument
The Nidek RKT-7700 from Nidek Co. Ltd. is a combination autorefractometer, keratometer and tonometer instrument.

Because the unit combines the measurements of refractive power, corneal curvature and intraocular pressure, Nidek says it is ideal for accurate and fast patient care in clinics and hospitals.

The company also says the Nidek RKT-7700 provides fast and accurate measure times, a fully automated data acquisition process and a patient- and user-friendly interface. Call 1-800-874-5274 or go to

iZon by Definition
Optical Connection Inc. has joined forces with Oph- thonix to provide wavefront-guided contact lenses.

Under this agreement, the Ophthonix Z-View Aber- rometer, which is currently used to provide lower and higher order aberration measurements that result in a customized pair of Ophthonix iZon spectacles, will now also be used to create iZon by Definition wavefront-guided contact lenses.

Contact lens patients are fit with a predicate lens (a fully molded diagnostic lens) and then examined by the Z-View Aberrometer, which uses a low-powered laser beam to map out the refractive map of the patients eye.
This laser beam, in turn, reveals the patients optical errors and imperfections. This information, as well as predicate lens positioning data, is electronically transferred to Optical Connections manufacturing facility.

At that time, lenses identical to the predicate lens are selected, and the WaveTouchProcess captures the information from the wavefront measurements and translates it point by point to the optical zone of the lens for precise optical correction.

A quarterly replacement supply of the iZon by Definition wavefront guided contact lenses can then be sent to the practitioner or directly to the patient. As with the spectacles, these lenses correct for both lower and higher order aberrations and may have the ability to provide good vision for many patients, including those who have seriously distorted eyes.

These iZon by Definition wavefront-guided contact lenses are available via both companies, who will support one anothers sales and marketing activities in continuing to place and service the Z-View Aberrometer in eye care practitioners practices throughout the United States.

Call (858) 646-5531 or go to Or call (888) 556-6567 or go to


Editors Note: We recently received a press release from CIBA Vision about a mistake made in a prior press release regarding Aquify 5 Minute Multi-Purpose Solution. This solution was covered in the Product Review section of our September issue under Contact Lens Care. The text should have read: It works in two different ways, either as a quick 10-second rub and a five-minute soak or a four-hour soak with no rubbing. CIBA Vision and Review of Optometry apologize for any confusion.

Vol. No: 141:11Issue: 11/15/04