O2 Optix Approved for Extended Wear

CIBA Visions O2 Optix silicone hydrogel daily wear contact lenses are now FDA-approved for up to six nights of extended wear. O2 Optix lenses have been available since September. They are made of lotrafilcon B, which has a 33% water content and a Dk/t of 138 at 3.00D. The lenses come in an 8.6mm base curve and are available in powers 1.00D to 6.00D (in 0.25D steps). The company expects to expand the power range next year and says it is developing a toric version of the lens.

In other news, CIBA Vision says its Focus Dailies Toric will be available in expanded powers in January 2005. The new power range is +4.00D to 6.00 (in 0.25D steps), 6.50 to 8.00 (in 0.50D steps) and plano. The lenses come in 0.75 cylinder, axes 90 and 180 and an 8.6mm base curve. Call 1-800-241-5999, or go to

Confocal Laser Microscope
The Confocal Laser Microscope, from Heidelberg Engineering, displays a patients cornea via laser scanning technology. The microscope combines the companys HRT II laser scanning technology and the Rostock Cornea Module, which received FDA clearance in October, to display magnified images of the corneas internal structures. This lets you view the corneas cell layers and individual cells digitally or in movie format.

The company claims corneal diseases that previously were difficult or even impossible to see may now be viewed, and that the Confocal Laser Microscope may be particularly useful in recognizing parasitic infections that affect long-term contact lens wearers. Call 1-800-931-2230, or go to

Ultrasonic High-Resolution Pachymeter
The Falcon 418 pachymeter, from Talia Technology, uses ultrasound technology that incorporates a continuous (analog) measurement that can capture corneal thickness readings at high resolutions. The resolution for a single internal measurement is 0.22m.

Additional features include self-calibration (probes can be swapped on-site), an integrated IOP correction factor and a one-glance display that presents all the required data at once. Call 1-800-214-2030, or go to

Field Test Cards
New field test cards from IXMUS LLC are designed to detect macular and neuro-ophthalmic disease. The following tests are available: blue-on-yellow, blue-on-red and white-on red background Amsler grids and combination red dots.

IXMUS LLC says the cards use high-resolution grid patterns with low, intermediate and high contrast. The grid patterns employ both the background color and grid lines to pick up five decibels of shallow scotomas, which cause color desaturation. The field test cards are foldable and can be used either in an office setting or by patients at home for self-monitoring purposes.

The cards come with instructions and references printed on the cover. Call (508) 464-0540, or go to

New Glass Gonio Lens
Volk Opticals G-Series line of glass gonioscopy aspheric lenses has a new addition: the G-4 two-in-one gonio nf (no flange/no fluid) lens with interchangeable handle. Rotate the G-4 gonio nf lens slightly and four precisely angled 64 mirrors allow you to visualize the entire anterior chamber angle. Viscous interface solutions, such as methylcellulose, are unnecessary with the G-4, the company says. Only artificial tears or a thick natural tear layer are needed for patient comfort.

The G-4 comes with an interchangeable handle that can be easily removed and reattached to create a straight or 45 angled handle to accommodate individual patients clinical presentations. Call 1-800-345-8655, or go to


Paragon Vision Sciences is offering free online Paragon CRT web seminars to eye care practitioners that cover:

FDA-required Paragon CRT lens certification. The overnight lenses reshape the cornea in myopic patients.

Clinical training.

Tips on Paragon CRT practice management.

The site also features an Ask the Experts seminar, in which newly certified Paragon CRT eye care practitioners can interact with practitioners who have been certified and have successfully integrated the overnight contact lens into their practices. To attend a seminar, you must have Internet access and a phone line. The phone line is needed for a conference call with all other attendees as well as the seminar presenter.

For seminar descriptions and to enroll, go to, and click on Events. Then click on Online training. For further information, call Sandy Kossack, meeting and convention manager, at

Robotic Edging

Santinelli Internationals AES-1500, by Nidek Co. Ltd., is a robotic edging system that uses a full 360 pivoting 3-D drill element that automatically positions itself perpendicular to the base curve of the individuals lens. The machine also uses 3-D grooving technology and features the companys Crystal Cut Polish and polish safety bevel.

The new unit is a combination of Nideks AHM-1000 auto-drilling and grooving unit and the companys SE-9090 express industrial edger. The AES-1500 has 3-D CNC (Command and Control) drilling and grooving operations that function independently of the grinding process for optimal processing speed.

The AES-1500 is available in either a 10-tray stacker design or a conveyor belt design. Call 1-800-644-3343, or go to

Varilux Ellipse Expands

Essilors Varilux Ellipse is now available in the companys LiteStyle and UltraLightStyle polycarbonate lens material. This small-frame progressive lens features a minimum fitting height of 14mm for patients with short-corridor PALs. The Varilux Ellipse in LiteStyle and Ultra LiteStyle is available in spherical powers of +6.00D to 10.00D, up to +3.00D add and up to 4.00D cylinder. Call 1-800-366-6342, or go to

Computer Lens Expansion
Near Variable Focus Lenses (NVF), from PRIO Corporation, have been expanded to +2.25D add for patients who require higher reading or computer add powers. The lens also is available in add powers +0.75D, +1.25D and +1.75D.

The NVF 2.25D is available in CR-39, in sphere powers from 3.00D to +6.00D and cylinder powers to 4.00D. Call 1-800-621-1098, or go to

Updated Color Coding Computer Label Program
Ancom Business Products introduces Smeads Smart- Strip 2.0, an updated version of its color-coding label software designed for end-tab patient charts. This new version features a drag-and-drop feature that lets you or your staff reposition the color blocks (a square that corresponds with the color or number that identifies a chart as belonging to the patient.) The company says this feature enables more practices to match the programs colors with their existing end-tab color schemes. The new software also allows you to choose from a variety of label styles.

Smart Strip 2.0 allows staff members or practitioners to type in patient information, and then print color-coding information, numeric or alpha color blocks, barcodes, custom text, year labels and more on a single label. Eight bonus labels are included on every Smart- Strip label form for index tabs or any other use you choose. (The software requires SmartStrip label forms.) Call 1-800-845-9010, or go to

New Fashion Chair

Fashion Optical Displays offers a new Fashion Chair designed for your reception area or dispensary. The company says that the chairs curved back and arms provide patient comfort, and that the arms fit neatly under dispensing tables.

The Fashion Chair is available in hardwoods such as maple, oak and mahogany, and a wide selection of designer fabrics (or you can provide your own material). Call 1-800-824-4106, or go to

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