Exam Equipment

The Laser Fixation Target, from Gulden Ophthalmics, is a laser beam used for changing gaze during indirect ophthalmoscopy and other fixation tests. The instrument contains five interchangeable tips, including one with generic cartoon characters for pediatric patients. It also contains a clip for attaching the device to any slit lamp.

The Laser Fixation Target can be used on ceilings, floors, walls and anywhere else a laser beam can shine. It is made of flexible tubing for adjustments and has a base for counter placement. Call 1-800-659-2250, or go to www.guldenophthalmics.com.

Lab Equipment
Rimless Designer

The RD-100, from Santinelli International, is a rimless designer that allows the operator to capture the lens image via an integrated, high-resolution camera. The device features a 10.5-inch, color touch screen for user-friendly operation.

The RD-100 can determine drill coordinates and enlarge the view of each hole for pinpoint accuracy. It has an internal infinite storage capacity that is VCA compliant, and the information can be saved to a compact flash card. Call 1-800-644-3343, or go to www.santinelli.com.

Finishing System

The Kappa CTD finishing system, from Gerber Coburn, features the Kappa CT tracer and blocker and the Kappa CTD edger and drill.

The Kappa CT tracer and blocker has automatic centering technology that locates the optical center of the lens, bifocal segment and fitting cross in seconds; automatically re-aligns the image on the prescribed axis of the lens; and presents it in the operators view.

Once you place the lens on the blocking station, the computer-controlled blocking arm automatically grasps the lens blocker adapter. The motorized suction head then places the lens-blocking adapter in its designated position and axis for mounting. This feature reduces lens damage and breakage, the company says.

Other CT features include fast location of drilling coordinates; 200 bar codes that are associated with each type of lens shape for the devices drilling function, drill-hole positions and diameters; automatic adjustment of the drilling angle so that it is perpendicular to the front surface of the lens; lens adjustment via a customization program; and drilling modes designated for different lens materials.

The Kappa CTD edger and drill can accommodate straight or angled notches; through and non-through holes; vertical, horizontal or angled oblong-shaped holes; and up to 10 combinations of any of the drill types mentioned per lens (extreme diameters down to 0.8mm will be available in the future). Call 1-800-262-8761, or go to www.gerbercoburn.com.

Office Design

Expressions, from  Eye Designs, is a collection of freestanding wood displays that feature elegant curves and stylish details, the company says.

Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to www.eyedesigns.com.

Low Vision

Reading Peripheral Device

Book Reader, from Plustek Inc., is a book-reading peripheral device designed for the visually impaired. It features optical character recognition, which converts characters into text, and text-to-speech software, which reads documents scanned into the Book Reader. (This feature is available in several languages, such as Spanish, French and German, as an upgrade.)

The Book Reader also comes with the companys patented SEE (Shadow Elimination Element) technology. This curved lamp provides a clear copy of the scanned book without distortion.

To use the Book Reader, the patient places a book or document on the screen and presses a button. The device then scans the book and converts the printed words into audio output, which can be saved in MP3 format for future access. Call (408) 392-0859, or go to www.plustek.com/bat.

Wavefront Guided Spectacle Lens
iZon Wavefront Guided Spectacle Lenses, from Ophthonix, are customized to each patients optical needs. The Ophthonix Z-View Aberrometer maps the patients refractive error, then creates a prescription that matches the patients unique optical eye print.

The lenses are manufactured at the Ophthonix facility in San Diego, where proprietary manufacturing technology incorporates the measurements into the lens. Call 1-877-367-4966, or go to www.ophthonix.com.

Ophthalmic Drugs
Topical Anesthetic

TetraVisc (tetracaine 0.5%), from Cynacon/Ocusoft, is a high-viscosity topical anesthetic to be used in ophthalmic surgical procedures. It comes in a 5ml ophthalmic dropper bottle that offers a controlled tip drop and rapid, immediate dispersion across the cornea.

TetraVisc provides long anesthetization and significantly improves pain levels in postoperative patients, the company says. Call 1-800-233-5469, or go to www.ocusoft.com.

Contact Lens Solution
Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution

Opti-Free RepleniSH Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution, from Alcon Inc., has received FDA approval for use on all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogels.

The solution contains Tearglyde, a wetting system that the company says keeps silicone hydrogel and traditional hydrogel lens surfaces fresh and moist throughout the lens wearing day. It reconditions the lens surface to retain moisture for heightened comfort.

Call 1-800-451-3937, or go to www.alconinc.com.

What"s New on the Web? 
Dry-Eye Blog

Dryeyeblog.com, from Advanced Vision Research, maker of the TheraTears dry eye products, is a blog dedicated to dry eye. The blog is designed to keep patients and doctors up to date on the latest thoughts, news, research and information on dry eye. Also, Advanced Vision Research hopes the blog will improve its ability to join customers discussions, provide tips and insight, and receive feedback. Call 1-800-979-8327, or go to www.dryeyeblog.com.

Vol. No: 142:12Issue: 12/15/2005