Patient Education

Cataract Education Software

A cataract and premium IOL patient education package has been released by Eyemaginations in collaboration with David F. Chang, M.D.

The software is intended to assist eye-care practitioners in providing patients with a balanced, comprehensive overview of the IOL options available to them.

This new module will be available to all existing customers of Eyemaginations who use the 3D-Eye Office, and will be featured as part of the core content received with annual license renewal.

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Diagnostic Technology

Glaucoma Tracking Card

The Fundoscopic Grading Card, from Richmond Products, may be used to grade various fundoscopic challenges, such as cup-to-disc ratio, artery/vein ratio and arteriolar light reflex ratio.

This card is intended to help make such measurements uniform when working in conjunction with several practitioners.

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Patient Care

Diabetic Supplement

DiaVis, from ScienceBased Health, is a dietary supplement for patients who have diabetes. Intended to support these patients visual and overall health, DiaVis provides a blend of key antioxidants and other nutrients that combat oxidative stress and inflammation. Other ingredients of the supplement play a role in normal glucose metabolism and retinal vessel health.

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Practice Management

Patient Messaging Service

Smile Reminder is a service that allows practitioners to send text or e-mail messages securely to patients.

These messages can be customized for your patients, and the program syncs up with your practice management system to prevent errors such as double entry.

Messaging capabilities include appointment reminders and confirmations, cancellation notices, birthday messages, promotional messages and patient recall alerts.

Smile Reminder uses secure Internet encryption to prevent information leaks. Software upgrades, customer support and unlimited messaging are available, and a flat monthly fee covers all costs.

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Inspirational Book
Suddenly Blind Adult (SBA), Suddenly Disabled Adult (SDA), and Suddenly Ill Adult (SIA) Survivors Guide: The Emancipation Proclamation for Independent Living by Scott Bray, Ph.D., aims to provide a blueprint for people who are suddenly incapacitated due to an accident or illness. Dr. Bray offers insights into coping in these situations, as well as advice on maintaining independence when independence is most as risk. Dr. Bray, a survivor of a car wreck who found himself suddenly blind, disabled and ill, presents methods of managing everyday tasks to readers.

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Vol. No: 146:01Issue: 1/15/2009