Dry Eye

Silicone Plug

The Soft Plug Flow Control silicone plug, by Oasis Medical, is intended for partial occlusion with limited tear drainage. The plugs are available in 0.6mm or 0.7mm sizes and supplied in sets of two sterile plugs preloaded on disposable inserters.

Call 1-800-528-9786, or go to www.oasismedical.com.  


Spectacle Lens Care

Transmittance Spectrometer

The Optical Transmittance Spectrometer, from Ocean Optics, measures tint color, photopic transmittance and ultraviolet cutoff of ophthalmic lenses and coatings. The system is built on a high-resolution miniature linear CCD-array spectrometer configured for the 380nm to 780nm wavelength range. The spectrometer uses a 20-watt tungsten halogen light. Objects to be measured may range from 10mm to 76mm in diameter and 15mm thickness.

Call (727) 733-2447, or go to www.oceanoptics.com.



AMD and Diabetic Eye Disease Supplement

MacuTrition Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, by Advanced Vision Research, includes fish oil omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and green tea extract to address oxidation, inflammation and neovascularization, factors associated with age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. This over-the-counter supplement provides a dosage of omega-3 fatty acid equivalent to a 2.8oz serving of salmon, a dose of vitamin D equivalent to 12 minutes of sun exposure, and the polyphenols that youd get from three cups of green tea.

Call 1-800-579-8327, or go to http://www.macutrition.com/.


What"s New on the Web
New Courses in Online Learning Center

Two courses have been added by CooperVision to its Online Learning Center. These free video-based courses review the benefits of one-day contact lenses, including patient advantages, lens wear safety and compliance, and the characteristics of silicone hydrogel material, including oxygen transmission, dehydration performance, surface wettability and in-eye deposition. The courses are offered in conjunction with the Contact Lens and Cornea Section of the American Optometric Association and are each worth one hour of COPE-approved CE credit.

Go to http://learning.coopervision.com/.


Sample Micro-Sites

Ocusoft is now offering product-specific free sample Web sites and broad-based education Web sites for eye-care professionals. All of these sites provide access to free samples for distribution among patients, as well as brochures and education materials.

For samples of Ocusoft Lid Scrub, go to:


For unit-dose samples of TetraVisc, go to:

For patient education materials, go to:

www.ocusofteducation.com or http://www.ocusofteducation.biz/.


Office Design
Merchandising Displays

Eye Designs announces two additions to the Versa Wall Collection: the Kids Versa Wall Kit and the Sports Versa Wall Kit, both of which include frame panels as well as merchandising accessories. The Kids Versa Wall Kit includes three wall-mounted laminated panelsone red, one yellow and one bluewith 3-D merchandising accessories. Each panel holds 15 frames. The kit also includes a Spider-Man action figure, Mickey Mouse and Goofy plush toys, letter blocks, an extra-large pencil with nose-clip frame holders, an acrylic shelf, several multicolored discs and 45 nose clip frame holders. The Sports Versa Wall Kit features three wall-mounted brushed aluminum frame panels that hold 15 frames each. The kit includes a golf ball display, a baseball display, a tennis ball display, a basketball display, a catchers mask frame holder, a hockey puck display, two fishing lure displays, a baseball bat display with four nose clip frame holders, one sports sign, one frosted oval shelf and four black discs.
Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to www.eyedesigns.com.

Vol. No: 143:06Issue: 3/15/2009