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Antibiotics in Eye Care: A Balancing Act

Although antibacterial drugs have been a boon for treating ocular infections, the downside—resistance—always looms in the shadows. Optometric physicians must educate themselves to become cautious and judicious prescribers of these agents. 
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Up Your ERM Referral Game

Epiretinal membranes (ERMs) are caused by defects in the surface layer of the retina. Glial cells are released, migrating through and developing a membranous sheet on the retinal surface. They may look like a piece of cellophane, a wrinkle or puckered folds on the retina.

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Evading the Hallmark of Glaucoma

There’s no avoiding the glaucoma patients and suspects who, for whatever reason, do not comply with follow-up care and visits. When they do eventually return to the office, most of the time their condition has worsened and your work  is much harder. Oddly enough, for one of my recent patients, the opposite was true.


Today's Spotlight

Equilibrium in the Eye

An 85-year-old woman was brought in by her family for a red right eye. The patient didn’t express herself well verbally because of her age and because she spoke little English, but her family believed that she was having pain as well. When directly asked, she contradicted herself saying that is was painful and then later saying it wasn’t. 

Today's Spotlight

The Space Between

An 80-year-old Caucasian female presented with new floaters in her left eye, which started about a month ago. She reported her right eye sees well. Her past ocular history was significant for cataract surgery in both eyes more than 10 years ago. Her last eye exam was two years earlier. Her medical history was significant for hypertension and high cholesterol.  

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October 15, 2020


A Simpler Way to Code Office Encounters

A major update coming in January will finally make things much easier.

Antibiotics in Eye Care: A Balancing Act

Here’s what you need to consider when weighing the benefits versus the risks in the era of resistance.

Eye Care at the Speed of Light

Telehealth and AI rely on digital tools when human interaction is hard to come by. Here’s how these trends have been accelerated by the shutdown and other catalysts.

Genetics in Eye Care: DNA Leads the Way

Knowledge of disease processes is flourishing, but questions remain regarding clinical application.

How COVID-19 is Reshaping Optometry

With all the changes wrought by the pandemic, optometrists must be nimble and willing to adapt—or else find themselves outmaneuvered.

Myopia: Should We Treat It Like a Disease?

The research is mounting, but whether the projections hold true in clinical practice is still up for debate.

Will Subspecialization Help Optometry Evolve?

After years of discussion, it just may happen. Some think it’s long overdue—others say it’s unnecessary. Here’s a preview.


A Patient on Thin Ice

We had to help an athlete break a bad habit so that he could return to his sport.

Decreased Vision Indecision

Macular involvement and a swift decline in acuity prompt many questions about the condition’s causes and potential interventions.

Equilibrium in the Eye

Immediate medical intervention can stabilize the acute angle-closure patient for LPI.

Evading the Hallmark of Glaucoma

Patients lost to follow-up aren’t always a train wreck when they finally re-emerge.

Musings Behind the Mask

My PPE is getting to my head, causing more reflection than usual. These notes might just spark something in you, too.

Red Herring

A potential misdiagnosis might bump the proper treatment for EKC off track.

Telehealth: Friend or Foe

Temporary changes have made this platform useful, but that might not be the case moving forward.

The Post COVID-19 Game Plan

Here’s why some practices are closing their doors while others are thriving.

The Space Between

A unique OCT pattern will reveal what is affecting our elderly patient.

The Value of Vaccination

Shingrix is the recommended vaccine for shingles, especially for patients taking a prophylactic antiviral.

Up Your ERM Referral Game

Innovations in instrumentation have made epiretinal membrane surgery a more viable option for many patients.

Winds of Change

Numerous trends in optometry are reaching an inflection point. Will they disrupt, or just distract?


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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