Mismanagement Tops List of Glaucoma Lawsuits

Failure to diagnose the condition was close behind, due in part to insufficient examination, study finds.

ONH Prelaminar Schisis May Signify Glaucoma

Researchers note the importance of accounting for this unusual anatomy on OCT.

3D OCT Imaging Offers Better Visualization of Glaucoma

Anterior chamber volume is an effective marker of disease progression.

Location of VF Damage Predicts Lifestyle Difficulties

Central vision loss had the most significant impact on glaucoma patients.

Healthy Coffee Drinkers Have Lower IOP

However, consumption was not linked to a reduction in glaucoma risk.

Glaucoma: OCT Metric Less Accurate Than Previously Thought

Use a variety of measurements when determining progression, not just change in RNFL thickness.

Drainage Devices Successfully Lower IOP in PK Eyes

At least 70% of patients were controlled during the 10-year follow-up, while corneal grafts were not as lucky.

Watch for FAZ Enlargement in Glaucoma

Finding argues in favor of a vascular component in glaucoma.

Polypharmacy in Glaucoma Increasingly Less Effective

Adding more meds was costly and ultimately not as effective as other options.

Depression Correlates With Glaucoma Severity

This finding was associated with a greater risk of treatment noncompliance among those affected.

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