Study Questions Value of 10-2 Pattern in Glaucoma

The 24-2 test alone may be sufficient to detect defects in the central visual field.

NTG: Risks for Contralateral Conversion Revealed

Among patients with unilateral presentations, 19.7% experience fellow-eye changes within five years.

VR Headset Aims to Ease Visual Field Testing

Mobility helps free up the practice and relax the patient, says manufacturer Olleyes.

Microvascular Dropout Common in Early POAG

This choroidal change was more than seven times higher in open-angle eyes than those with PACG.

SITA Faster Lags in Reliability

Although the Faster method was quicker, its detection of early glaucoma cases was questionable.

Researchers Debunk Skin Pigmentation-Glaucoma Link

An objective measurement tool is bringing a long-standing association into question.

Deep Sclerectomy Effective for OAG

The procedure lowered patients’ IOP by as much as 10mm Hg—long-term.

Glaucoma: How to Build a Better Baseline

With these tips, tricks and tests in mind, you’ll be providing more comprehensive patient care in no time

The Gang’s (Not) All Here

RGC death is the hallmark of glaucomatous damage—and it can now be captured with OCT.

Race and Location Risk Factors for Glaucoma Nonadherence

An alarming 43% of pediatric glaucoma patients were lost to tertiary follow-up.

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