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Tacrolimus May Help With Scleritis

These topical drops had a positive effect on eyes unresponsive to topical steroids.
May 25, 2020

Optic Nerve Pit Linked With Fast Progression

This clinical finding could help clinicians treat patients appropriately.
May 25, 2020

Macular Vascular and Perfusion Density Change with Age

Study used OCT-A to show how eyes change as children grow.
May 25, 2020

New Product Offers Hassle-free Sterilization

This spray-gun misting device protects patients and practitioners, Eye Designs says.
May 22, 2020

New Offer Sweetens the Pot for Scleral Sales

X-Cel now offers a scleral patient kit with every spare pair purchase.
May 22, 2020

Get Second Opinions in Real Time

New practitioner-to-practitioner telemedicine app gives you a clinical backstop when you need it most.
May 22, 2020

Review Highlights Safety of Artificial Tears, Rewetting Drops

Both can improve the contact lens wearing experience and ocular surface health.
May 22, 2020

Cancer Treatment Can Damage Optic Nerve

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are linked with an unusual neuritis.
May 22, 2020

SLT Cuts IOP 19% in Mild/Moderate Glaucoma

Surgical procedure’s success in the fellow eye was a strong indicator in IOP outcomes.
May 22, 2020

Research Summarizes Ocular Surface-COVID Interaction

Coronaviruses are uncommonly associated with conjunctivitis, a study suggests.
May 21, 2020