Step 1: Identify a Friendly Community

By WO Jul 2019

The journey to practice ownership, especially as a cold start, is a challenging one.

Managing with the Future in Mind

By WO May 2019

Jennifer Kohn, OD, knows the importance of consistent management and messaging as the human resources manager for the practice’s 11 office locations of Moses EyeCare Centers.

Becoming a Well-rounded Doctor and Businesswoman

By WO Apr 2019

Charlene Trinidad, OD, made a stop during her travels back to Los Angeles, California, for optometry school graduation after completing her final clinical rotation in Denver, Colorado.

A Literal Service Desert: OD Finds Opportunity in Underserved Area

By WO Mar 2019

Athena Brasfield, OD, grew up in the optical industry.

Bringing Value to the Family Business

By WO Jan 2019

After graduating from the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry in 2015, Jenn Chinn, OD, returned home to San Diego, California, and joined her father Stephen Chinn, OD, in his practice there.

Every Patient Encounter Is a Teachable Moment

By WO Nov 2018

Heidi Pham-Murphy, OD, opened her practice Visions Optometry in Sacramento, California, just three freeway stops away from the VSP headquarters.