Advanced Technology Gives Patients More Confidence

By WO Nov 2019

When Nancy Truong, OD, and her husband graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2002, they had known their ultimate goal was to one day open their own practice.

Using Corneal Hysteresis to Better Diagnose and Care for Glaucoma Patients

By WO Sep 2019

Due to an aging population and an increasingly diverse demographic patient base, most optometric practices are seeing more patients who are either at risk for, or already have, glaucoma, the second-leading cause of blindness in the U.S.

Passionate About Eye Care

By Reichert Technologies Aug 2019

With a full patient schedule at two separate locations, and a full home schedule with her two children, multitasker Lisa Genovese, OD, knew she would need to optimize her workload so she could do it all.

Modernizing the Oldest Technology Makes an Immediate Impression

By WO Jun 2019

Back in 2003, Tricia Adams, OD, and her husband, J. Murray Adams, OD, joined Advantage Eye Care in Owensboro, Kentucky, a practice started by Dr. Tricia Adams’ father.

Perfectly Personalized

By WO Mar 2019

Sarah Jerome, OD, calls herself a fairly impulsive business owner.

Fast, Accurate Refractions Are the Basis for a Great Exam

By WO Nov 2018

When Inna Lazar, OD, opened her optometric practice, she knew from the start that she wanted to add the Phoroptor® VRx Digital Refraction System by Reichert Technologies.