Natural Eye Drops Resonate with Patients of Every Age

By WO Mar 2019

In Arizona, there is no escaping dry air. In some parts of the arid state, the summer humidity level barely climbs into the 20 percent range; 40 percent is considered comfortable.

Helping Patients See That Dry Eyes Are More Than a Nuisance

By WO Nov 2018

There are times when Loretta Li, OD, is working with patients and simply can’t achieve good vision during the refraction.

When Natural Ingredients Work as Well, Why Not Use Them?

By WO Sep 2018

Connie Vuong, OD, of Garden Grove, California, is a label-reader. Her own children and her husband all suffer from allergies and eczema, so she’s careful to look at the products she buys in case they trigger reactions in her family.

Improve Patients’ Vision and Comfort Naturally

By WO Jun 2018

Besides offering comprehensive eye care, Xiaoyin Sun, OD, has something else that her patients value.

The Gentle Touch

By WO Mar 2018

One of the main reasons Natural Ophthalmics products are part of her practice is because she knows firsthand how they can help, says Pauline K. Buck OD, FAAO, FCOVD.

Why Let Your Patients Leave Confused and Symptomatic?

By WO Nov 2017

Susan Mozayani, OD, says that she’s hearing more complaints of symptoms of dry eye at Marin Eye Care, her practice in Novato, California.