How a Passion for Nutrition Helped Build a Thriving Medical Practice

By WO Nov 2019

Jessica Marshall, OD, took a chance nine years ago and decided to work inside a LensCrafters.

Ability to Quantify AMD Changes Is a Game-changer

By WO Sep 2019

Like many other ODs, Donna Shotwell, OD, spent years believing that she and others could do very little to prevent or accurately predict the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

Reimagining My Career Meant Rediscovering the Retina

By WO Jun 2019

By Anne-Marie Lahr, OD—When you do something long enough, you get very comfortable.

When Your Career Becomes Your Calling

By WO Nov 2018

Amanda Lee, OD, has achieved an array of career goals in the years since she graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in the 1990s.

Focus on the Benefits of AMD Treatment

By Special contribution from Amy Hellem Jul 2018

The 12-page report titled, Practical Guidelines for the Treatment of AMD, clearly and succinctly outlines best practices in AMD diagnosis and management.

AMD Has Met Its Match in These Three Practices

By Special contribution from Amy Hellem Jul 2018
How forward-thinking ODs are changing the fate of their practices and their patients’ futures with early AMD detection and treatment.