How to Start an Eye Care Practice from Scratch - Part 1 of 3


Dr. Courtney Dryer shares her step-by-step approach to a successful cold start.

Dr. Dryer began her independent practice, Autarchic Spec Shop, six years ago in Charlotte, NC after realizing she wanted more control over day-to-day decision-making.

“I had worked for a doctor and saw things that could be improved or expanded,” she said in an interview at her chic practice off Woodlawn Road in Charlotte, NC. The inability to effect any changes “led to a certain amount of frustration. I like to have control over staff decisions, product decisions. When you own your own practice, you’re able to choose those things for yourself,” she explained. In this three-part blog series, Dr. Dryer shares a wealth of information—learned first-hand—about everything from the why to the how of opening a new practice.

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