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3 Critical Elements You Must Consider When Choosing EHR


By Cindy Braden, VP of Sales, RevolutionEHR

Choosing an EHR software is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your eye care practice. To ensure your EHR will serve you well for years to come, pay close attention to these critical elements:

1. Technology
2. Usability
3. Support & Expertise


Technology evolves, and your EHR software should too. There is nothing worse than committing to an EHR that becomes out of date in a few years. Unfortunately, there are some practices out there right now that are stuck using outdated technology on old Windows computers because the EHR software hasn’t been updated. Don’t let that be you! I can’t stress enough how important it is to evaluate the track record of the companies you’re considering for your EHR. Pick one you know you’ll be happy to stay with for the long haul.

  • Industry – New rules and regulations in the eye care industry are par for the course and nothing suggests that a status quo is on the horizon. In fact, with all the new research, findings, statistics, data, vitamins and supplements, changes are the norm, not the exception. Has the EHR company you’re considering kept abreast of all the industry changes and integrated them into the software?
  • Equipment – New and better equipment in eye care means software changes too. Eye care has a lot of specific and unique equipment that doesn’t exist in other industries. When selecting your EHR, remember that a company that focuses on eye care is going to do a better job keeping up with optical equipment changes than a generic EHR.

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