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Hit Hard Against Uveitis

A 38-year-old uninsured male presented, stating his right eye had been red for a week. Examination revealed best-corrected acuity of 20/60 OD with a cyclitic membrane, 10% hypopyon and 3+ to 4+ cell and flare. With few resources to pay for meds or labs, how should I treat him?
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At the Crossroads of Technology and Tradition

The pace of technological advancement has granted optometrists a more targeted, more robust and more comprehensive ability to diagnose, evaluate and treat a plethora of ocular pathologies. Specifically, new retinal devices may supplant or enhance their technological predecessors, all of which serve to benefit optometrists and patients alike.
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Developing a Pain Pill Protocol in Optometry

Patients with glaucoma have a higher risk of non-glaucomatous eye disease and patients with non-glaucomatous eye disease have a higher risk of glaucoma.
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Infiltrative Keratitis: Fight the Battle for Corneal Clarity

The human cornea is unique among our body’s structures. It is designed for clarity, and its purpose is image formation, protection and beauty. Maintaining this corneal structure and function for a lifetime involves some impressive genetics, anatomy and physiology. 
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Today’s Tech for Assisting the Visually Impaired

Many practitioners may be tempted to refer these patients immediately to a low vision provider without attempting to make any interventions themselves; however, all optometrists are capable of performing a basic low vision evaluation and providing the patient with vision impairment some initial tools to get started on their journey of improved functioning. 

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October 15, 2019


An OD's Guide to Visual Processing Disorders

When you suspect your patient’s sight is affected by a neurological issue, be sure to understand the differential diagnosis.

Can You Differentiate These Tough Glaucoma Cases?

Just because it looks like POAG doesn’t mean it is. Here’s how you can get to the bottom of even the most difficult diagnoses.

The Larry Alexander Resident Case Report Contest: When and How To Treat Optic Disc Pit Maculopathy

This rare presentation has both medical and surgical treatment options. Be prepared with comprehensive knowledge of both.

Thyroid Eye Disease In Your Exam Lane

Whether managing associated side effects or referring and comanaging, you are integral to these patients’ care teams.

When 20/20 Isn’t Enough

Patients may be correctable to excellent acuity, but underlying pathology could still distort, interrupt or disturb their vision.

When Drugs Cause Dry Eye

To identify and treat patients more effectively, know these systemic drugs and ocular drops linked to dry eye.


Bad Optics

The easiest way to help almost a billion people is simply to give them a pair of glasses. But that’s only the start.

Be Home Before Dark

Can imaging help find a course of action for a patient with lifelong myopia who is now experiencing progressive vision loss?

Beating 20/Blurry

Acuity is just the tip of the visual health iceberg. Don’t forget to test other aspects of a patient’s visual perception.

Challenge Accepted

Neurotrophic keratopathy can be difficult to manage, but ever-expanding treatment options are enhancing our ability to achieve successful results.

Clean House, But Have a Plan

Hitting the reset button on meds takes a methodical approach.

Eyes Wide Open

Eyelid surgery requires a conservative approach to avoid exposure keratitis.

Facedown Showdown

Everyone agrees timely macular hole intervention is crucial—but post-op positioning is up for debate.

Letters to the Editor

Read this optometrist's reaction to one of our recent columns.

Out of the Blue

Using trypan blue vital dye in cataract surgery could be the difference between success and failure.

Pressure on the Surface

Glaucoma patients using topical therapy often spiral into chronic dry eye. Here’s why.

Put a Red Eye Back in the Pink

Does anything about this patient's presentation help explain why his red eye is getting worse?

Putting Add Power to the Test

Learn more about the monocular estimation method and the fused cross-cylinder test to help manage your binocular vision patients.

Sensory Motor Testing Defined

Know when you need more than a basic exam—and how to code for it.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Sometimes it’s worth hauling your phoropter over to a new building, if only for a little exercise.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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When Drugs Cause Dry Eye

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