Micro-Incision IOL

The Akreos AO Micro-Incision IOL (Akreos MICS), by Bausch & Lomb, can be implanted through a 1.8mm incision and features four-point fixation. Advantages of the small-incision platform, which includes the pairing of the Akreos MICS lens and the Stellaris MICS Vision Enhancement System, are increased wound sealability and a reduction in both endothelial cell loss and surgically-induced astigmatism. Call (585) 338-6000, or go to  

Sterile Conformers and Spheres
Gulden Ophthalmics introduces the Venus line of sterile eye conformers and spheres for use during surgical removal of the eye. These products have a slight yellow tint to differentiate them from the non-sterile lines also offered by Gulden. These conformers and spheres are made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), surgery-ready, double-pouched for security, and available in a wide range of sizes—from 12mm to 22mm for the spheres, and in small, medium, large and with or without holes for the conformers. Call 1-800-659-2250, or go to

Contact Lenses
Lens Line Expansion

The parameters of the Avaira two-week replacement lens, by CooperVision, have been expanded. They now range from -12.00D to +8.00D in 0.25D steps. The enfilcon A lens is available in a base curve of 8.4mm or 8.5mm and a diameter of 14.2mm. It has a Dk of 100, a Dk/t of 125 and a 46% water content. The lenses also feature an optimized back surface, rounded edges, and CooperVision’s proprietary Aquaform Comfort Science (also found in the Biofinity line), which allows for increased oxygen transmissibility. Avaira is available in a six-lens pack or three-lens trial carton. Go to  

Diagnostic Technology
Camera and Accessories

Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments introduces the ReSeeVit Pulsar and the ReSeeVit Endothelium. The Pulsar features a placido disk and a rotating Scheimplflug camera, and provides detailed images of the cornea and anterior chamber. Data of 25 Scheimpflug frames and a 22-ring placido disk are acquired in less than a second. The ReSeeVit Endothelium attaches to a ReSeeVit slit lamp and allows you to view and capture high-quality contrasted images of the endothelium without contacting the cornea. Its software allows you to evaluate the cells’ shape, size, density, area and surface deviation indices. Call 1-800-447-7511, or go to  

Ophthalmic Lenses
Single-Vision Wavefront Lenses

Essilor 360º lenses, by Essilor, are single-vision lenses that include Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement (WAVE) technology. This technology detects and removes lens aberrations. The back of the lens is optimized through the Point-by-Point Prescription Mapping process, which results in a unique back surface for each prescription. These lenses will especially benefit those patients who have prescriptions stronger than +/-3.00D sphere or -1.00D or more of cylinder. Essilor 360º lenses are available in:
• Thin&Lite 1.74, with a range from -14.00D to +10.00D, with cylinder up to -6.00D.
• Thin&Lite 1.67, with a range from -13.00D to +8.00D, with cylinder up to -4.00D.
• Polycarbonate, with a range from -10.00D to +8.00D, with cylinder up to -4.00D.

Essilor Bifocal 360º lenses are available with 360º Digital Surfacing. Call 1-800-843-3937, or go to  

Patient Care
The new MacuTrition Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, by Advanced Vision Research, includes omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and green tea extract—all ingredients that have shown some benefit for patients who have age-related macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease. This over-the-counter combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-angiogenics is based on AREDS recommendations. Call (781) 932-8327, or go to  

Practice Management
Small-Practice EMR

Eyecare Advantage Essentials and E-Rx are two new software products from Compulink Business Systems. The Essentials system provides a smaller practice with all of the features of the company’s larger Eyecare Advantage EMR system. E-Rx is an optional add-on that enables practitioners to e-prescribe. It provides clinical information on every FDA-approved drug. Call 1-800-456-4522, or go to  

What's New on the Web
Website Builder Expansion is partnering with Eyemaginations to offer 3D-Eye Online to clients of EyeCarePro, which provides a template for clinicians to create a functional and appealing website. Practitioners can select a design scheme and text template—and now, they can link to Eyemaginations’ visuals and presentations. The program offers word processing-style editing tools, drag-and-drop capabilites for adding photos and files, web-based administration tools and single-click content libraries. EyeCarePro also offers live client support if you need assistance building your site, transferring or creating a domain name and creating e-mail addresses. For EyeCarePro, call 1-866-886-4442, or go to For Eyemaginations, call 1-877-321-5481, or go to    

Office Design
Cubby Display
Eye Designs presents the new Cubby Display Unit, which includes eight cubes for showcasing eyewear, sunwear or point-of-purchase materials. Each cube is lined with a brushed-metal laminate to reflect light and keep the patient’s focus on the frames. The exterior of the unit may be customized to coordinate with your décor. And, six of the cubes include LED lighting to highlight select frames. This free-standing unit is 38” wide and available with an open or closed back. Units with a base, without a base or on chrome legs are offered. Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to    

Costa Del Mar

Costa presents three new unisex sun shields: Panga, Bill Chaser and Yellowtail. Each features one high-coverage, six-base shield lens.
• Panga is a large monel and metal frame that is available in size 134-130 and colors gunmetal/black or gold/amber.
• Bill Chaser features double injection molding and spring hinges for a “forget-they’re-on” fit. This nylon frame is offered in size 131-120 and in colors tortoise/amber or black/gray.
• Yellowtail also features the injection molding and hinges of Bill Chaser, but it is available in size 133-120 and in colors black/gray and tortoise/amber.

Call 1-800-447-3700, or go to  

Gant by Viva International Group

Viva International Group presents the fall lineup from Gant Eyewear. Inspired by the countryside of Scotland and the heritage of London, the collection offers classic shapes with structured details. The men’s grouping includes four frames that are each offered in black, brown and tortoise. Metal logo plaques are featured on the temples of these frames.
• G Charles, a rectangular metal frame, is available in size 54/16-140.
• G Vesey, a semi-rimless rectangular metal frame, comes in size 55/15-145.
• G Stefano, a rectangular acetate frame, is offered in size 52/16-135.
• G Lorenzo, a semi-rimless rectangular acetate frame, is available in size 54/17-140.

The women’s grouping features pastel hues and subtle adornments. The acetate frames feature the brand’s signature ‘O’ temple treatment.
• GW Yara, a rectangular frame, comes in size 54/15-135 and in colors black, brown/purple and rose/peach.
• GW Vida, a semi-rimless modified oval frame, is available in size 52/17-135 and in colors satin blue/blue horn, satin brown/ tortoise, satin purple/purple horn. The women’s metal frames also feature signature temple treatments, as well as openwork designs.
• GW Aleyna, a modified rectangular frame, is offered in size 53/16-135 and in colors satin brown, satin burgundy and satin purple.
• GW Sandra, a modified oval frame, comes in size 53/16-135 and colors satin brown, satin burgundy and satin pink.
• GW Sienna, a semi-rimless rounded frame, is available in size 53/17-135 and colors satin brown, satin black and satin purple.
• GW Tora, a rectangular frame, comes in size 52/15-135 and colors black/red, light brown horn and tortoise.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to  

Nike by Marchon

Marchon Eyewear introduces the fall collection from Nike. These glasses and sunwear are inspired by the dynamic nature of sport. The line features bold details and sleek lines. The nylon sunwear group, which features Nike’s Max Golf lens tint, includes:
• SQ, a men’s wraparound semi-rimless frame. It comes in size 67/12-130 and in colors black/gray, smoke/gray, translucent oak/brown/orange blaze and firepit/orange blaze/brown.
• Ignite, a men’s full-rimmed wrap frame that is available in size 66/14-130 and colors black/gray, sail/brown, smoke/gray, translucent oak/brown, varsity red/gray silver flash and firepit/brown.
• Crush, a women’s rimless shield. It is offered in size 66/11-125 and in colors black/gray, tortoise/brown, deep red/gray, summit white/gray golf tint.

The junior ophthalmic collection for boys includes the following metal frames:
• NK 4621, a teacup-shaped frame that comes in sizes 43/19-135 and 45/19-135 and in colors black chrome, gunmetal, walnut and dark blue.
• NK 4622, a rounded rectangular frame that is available in sizes 47/18-135 and 48/19-135. It comes in colors satin black chrome, shiny gunmetal, steel and walnut.
• NK 4623, a modified oval frame that features contrasting temple colors. It comes in size 46/19-135 and 48/19-135, and in colors satin black chrome, shiny gunmetal, steel and walnut.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to  

Sean John by Marchon
Marchon Eyewear presents the men’s fall grouping of eyewear by Sean John. This collection features luxurious accents in a “modern-vintage” style to produce a sense of sophistication. It includes:
• SJ821S, a modified metal and zyl aviator that comes in size 65/12-130 and colors black, dark tortoise and medallion.
• SJ4031, a modified rectangular frame that is offered in sizes 53/17-140 and 55/17-140, and in colors satin gray, chocolate, fatigue and copper.
• SJ137S, a metal angular shield that comes in size 61/13-135 and colors espresso, army, navy and medallion.
• SJ138S, a metal aviator that is available in size 63/12-130 and colors gunmetal, espresso, navy and medallion.
• SJ534S, a zyl navigator that comes in size 63/12-135 and colors black, tortoise, olive and dark blue.
• SJ825S, a metal and zyl navigator that is available in size 61/16-135 and in colors espresso, army, navy and medallion.
• SJ4037, a modified square frame that is offered in sizes 52/18-140 and 54/18-140 and in colors gray marble, chocolate marble, rustic marble and medallion.
• SJ4039, a modified rectangular frame that comes in sizes 53/18-140 and 55/18-140 and in colors black, gunmetal, chocolate and copper.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to  

Très Jolie by Marchon
Marchon Eyewear introduces the newest additions to the feminine Très Jolie collection, which features classic shapes, colors and textures. The new additions include:
• Charmed, a modified oval zyl frame that comes in size 58/16-125 and in colors black, tortoise and forest green.
• Desire, a rectangular stainless steel frame that is available in size 58/15-135 and in colors matte black, espresso and wild moss.
• Elegance, a rectangular zyl frame that is offered in size 54/15-135 and in colors ebony, demi-gray frost and café frost.
• TJ85, a soft oval zyl frame that comes in sizes 50/16-135 and 52/16-135, and in colors opal, sienna, sapphire and pink pearl.
• TJ127, a modified round metal frame that is offered in sizes 51/17-130 and 53/17-130, and in colors black gold, dark chocolate, cashmere brown and rose Bordeaux.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to