Spectacle Lenses

Anti-Reflective Lens

The new Crizal Avanc spectacle lens, from Essilor of America, now features Scotchgard Protector, by 3M, improving resistance to scratches, smudges, dust and reducing glare, the company says. The lens now includes the Scratch-Resistant Booster Layer and the anti-reflective multi-layer lens stack. Call 1-800-843-3937, or go to www.crizal.com or www.essilorusa.com.


Patient Care

Hypotrichosis Medication

Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%, Allergan) has received FDA approval for treatment of hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. Available by prescription only, Latisse is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes with a sterile, single-use applicator. Results are visible in eight weeks, with full results at 16 weeks. If treatment is discontinued, however, eyelashes will return to their previous quality. Call 1-800-433-8871, or go to www.allergan.com or www.latisse.com.  

Practice Management

Wireless Paging Software

Enterprise 101, by InterPage L.P., is wireless paging software intended for use in medical office suites. It enables practitioners and staff members to send pre-defined or custom messages to others quickly, on a regular basis or as needed. All sent messages are stored with a date and time stamp, in compliance with HIPAA regulations and reducing the need for redundant overhead paging. This software is intended for patient notification and intra-office communication. Messages can be sent to pagers, cell phones, PDAs or e-mail addresses. Call 1-800-992-1000, or go to www.iplp.com.  


Equipment Integration

The i.Terminal, by Carl Zeiss Meditech, now integrates fully with the paperless practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) software of maximEyes, by First Insight Corporation. The i.Terminal takes all spectacle lens fitting measurements to an accuracy of 0.1mm, and now, it is able to transmit this data automatically into the patients medical record. For Carl Zeiss Meditech, call 1-800-358-8258, or go to www.vision.zeiss.com/us. For First Insight Corporation, call 1-800-920-1940, or go to www.first-insight.com.


Contact Lenses
Custom Toric Lens

The C-Vue Advanced Custom Toric Lens, by Unilens, is now available. Made of hioxifilcon D, this new lens features a 97% water content. The lens is available in a diameter of 14.5mm and base curve of 8.0, 8.2, 8.5, 8.8 or 9.1, and a diameter of 15.0mm and base curve of 9.1. It comes in powers ranging from +10.00D to -20.00D, cylinder up to -4.00D, and any axis in 1 increments. The lens is indicated for daily wear and quarterly replacement. Call (727) 544-2531 or go to www.unilens.com.  


Contact Lens Care
Multi-Purpose Solution Regimen

AQuify multipurpose solution, by CIBA Vision, now includes a rub step in its usage directions. Now, the care regimen for the solution includes a rub, rinse and five-minute to overnight soak.With this change, the no-rub option for AQuify was eliminated. AQuify solution also comes with the Pro-Guard contact lens case, which is infused with antimicrobial silver ions. Call 1-800-875-3001 or go to www.cibavision.com.


What"s New on the Web
Online Patient Education Initiative

Cataract surgery patients and caregivers now have an online resource for information on the condition. Sponsored by Alcon, Cataractsurgery.com provides information on cataracts, surgery and intraocular lens options. The site also features instructions on preparing for eye exams and a multimedia library of videos, cataract illustrations, patient testimonials and other resources. A Spanish-language version of the Web site will be available in the first half of 2009. Go to http://www.cataractsurgery.com/.


Office Design

Fashion Optical presents its new Sled Chair for patients in the dispensary. Featuring wooden construction, a cloth or vinyl upholstery option, armless design and sled base, this chair can be used with a variety of design schemes. The chair is also available with arms. Call 1-800-824-4106, or go to http://www.fashionoptical.com/.

Vol. No: 146:02Issue: 2/15/2009